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  1. DJ_SHAY

    How to verify someones age for Skype show?

    Hello! I'm in need of some advice. Someone in my MFC room won a skype, so we went to do the show and when I opened the cam he looked pretty young to me, not too young, but younger than me for sure. I could tell that something was developmentally different about him making his age even more...
  2. Ellen Belle

    Starting off a personalised Vid.

    So I'm currently fundraising on piggybank so that I can get some equipment to cam better? (I only have a laptop, looking external cam and I haven't got toys or clothes or anything, money has been tough) Anywho it went live today and I got a backer who has asked for a personalized video. So I...
  3. P

    Hey there question time.

    Hi everyone, I made an account to ask a question because I'm a little naive and newbish when it comes to this whole world. I looked around at some other sites but this one seemed populated by some pretty cool people who seem fun whereas some others seemed pretty bitter. So it's not really an...
  4. Meiya Tokyo USA

    Attractive or not?

    Hello everyone. There are so many bad information about studios and agencies. We are setting up an new modeling agency that actually provides values to models.(We are waiting talent agency license to be issued from California states. So excited to start!) But that's my sole opinion. I would...
  5. Meiya Tokyo USA

    Value propositions for new agency

    Hi I am trying to set up an modeling agency ( that can provide unique values. We are not operating yet as we are waiting talent agency license to be issued from California states. I would like to hear opinions about the value we are trying to provide so that we can...
  6. A

    Why do some models have Doppelgangers in their room??

    Okay, so I've been watching some top models on MFC and something weird I noticed is that they have these 'doppelgangers' in their room. Like literally people whose usernames show up right below the model's username and they literally monitor the room. Like every once in a while, they'll post up...
  7. samira

    Weird Racial Stuff on MFC

    Hi all, I've been on MFC for a grand total of 2 weeks but in my time on the site I've had a few strange requests pertaining to my race. Examples include: people wanting me to act out strange slavery-inspired things, or people that want me to like bash my race for their pleasure, or one dude had...