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How do I hide my job from potential background checks? (AdultWork, UK) HELP!

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Apr 30, 2017
Hello yall! I'm new here and I haven't set up my own camgirl account yet as I'm stuck on one important thing: I wanted to know if there is a way to "hide" the fact on legal documents like taxes and background checks that I work as a camgirl.

The reason being is because I'm a medical student hoping to be a doctor in the future but I don't have the knowledge of how taxes and employment really work for potential governmental jobs in the UK (and potentially other countries) and with the website Adultwork. Just letting you know too that I'm an international student so I don't know if they are more strict with this as far as recording taxes.
Basically, one of my friends invited me to this group. She pays for the featuring of our group so 10% of our income will go to her and 40% goes to the website while the rest is transferred into my bank account. Since camming is an actual job, I am required to provide my passport and that is why I am really scared of this job appearing in my background check when I apply for professional jobs. I plan to ask my friend to transfer the money to my boyfriend's account (other people ask to transfer to their kids' accounts), so I don't know if that helps to hide from potential legal documentation under my name? And do you know whether the name "AdultWork" will even show up in the checks or will it be the parent company name?

I really don't have much knowledge about the HMRC, Adultwork, or how the whole thing works. I desperately need to find out because my friend doesn't really know much about the background check thing or my status as international.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the advices and help! xx


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Mar 26, 2012
So it depends on the background Check. Most are only criminal background checks so you will be fine. I know in Canada for a lot of legal work or law enforcement background check goes beyond criminal checks.

People will probably try to be encouraging and say it's not likely it will be found out. Encouragement isn't my lifestyle choice.

HOWEVER this does not mean no one will ever know. If this job will ruin your future do not do it. Certain morality clauses with jobs may mean you're barred from the job because adult work. Co workers and bosses may find out. You can be fired for not disclosing past employment when required to and you probably won't get hired if adult work even appears on your resume. There is absolutely NO way to ensure this job won't affect your future or you won't be found out... except not doing the job.

For most companies the check is not as obvious. I am not sure about this company but you should be able to find this information in your sign up contract.


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Feb 3, 2012
Always mark yourself as an entertainer or something similar on your taxes. I'm British and never mention being a camgirl on HMRC. I am an entertainer, no point in mentioning it's adult entertainment, it's all perfectly legal and I file my taxes like anyone else. So I wouldn't worry too much about it, I doubt they'll come crashing down on specifics.
When you do your expenses with HMRC you have a few options, you can put everything in individually to HMRC on a form, or you can work it all out yourself and give them the lump sum of your earnings and expenses. I always do it all myself and then work out the amount I can claim and then put that. So far HMRC has never contacted me requesting anything else.

With taxes I also make sure everything I spend in relation to camming is on my card so I have evidence. You can also keep receipts if you use cash but they are harder to hold onto. It's a good idea to get a shoe box and then go through it all at the end of the year. Clothes, underwear, make up, bills, rent. If you buy a computer or anything related that goes on there too. I then go through my bank statements and pick out everything from shops I'd buy make up and toiletries, then clothes stuff I'll usually take off if it seems related to camming. Then obviously sex toys, webcams, lighting, basically anything invested. If you do a lot of snapchat from your phone then you can probably work out how much data you use and how much it costs. Same with any promotional stuff. I then work out how much rent I spend extra to cam from my apartment, how often I cam and take that off as expenses, plus electricity, fast internet etc. I usually work it on how many hours I did, did I need an extra bedroom or did I need an apartment to myself versus renting a room somewhere. The aim of the game is to claim as many expenses as you can within reason but being able to back it up completely. It might be worth talking with an accountant on this though. Bear in mind though if an accountant gets it wrong your neck is on the line, not theirs. I think if you earn a reasonable amount, like £20-30k+ a year it might be worth hiring a good accountant. If you're under that I think it's easy enough to do yourself, and with an accountant they basically get you to do all the hard work and then do the fun stuff themselves.

Oh I also work it out with gift vouchers that if I'm going to buy something for myself on Amazon I will get gift vouchers so the vouchers don't count as income and won't get added to my taxes.
Mmmm additional stuff you might not know if you're international: The tax year runs from April until the end of January. If you say worked April 2017 until January 2018 and hadn't worked the previous year then you would not need to do your taxes until sometime between April 2018 and January 2019, at which point you file whenever before the cut off date. The year afterwards though if you carry on working they will predict your tax for the following year and will make you pay for it then.
So if you earn £16k in your first year, claim £2k on expenses you'll be taxed on about £3/4k of your income at 20%. I don't know how national insurance works for you as an international student but you'll probably also need to pay that, which may come to another £500-£800. So in total imagine you're paying up to £1500 in tax and national insurance. The year after they'll start to predict your tax for the next year and will charge you extra. It's been a few years since I've done my taxes as I've been away so I can't remember exactly. But basically if you end up over paying tax you'll get that money back in a rebate the following year. But it can screw you over at the time. It's a stupid system which has bankrupted several small companies that did well one year and worse the next but are forced to pay the same tax as the first year. So make sure you save enough to pay your taxes!

Anyways I hope this helped anyone with their taxes, it is a confusing system to work with at first but after you get used to it then it's ok. I do recommend filing early tax returns as the phone lines get really busy nearer the date which is hard if you need help.
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