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  1. webimail

    $1000+$500+$250+.. extra prizes for hard working skype-shows models [Skyprivate]

    ladies, please allow me to share with you the invitation from our CEO. it's a contest where we give extra cash to our Skype models: "We want to reward our hard working skype-shows models. 1st Place: $1000 2nd Place: $500 3rd Place: $250 4th-10th Place: $35 each You just need to have the most...
  2. Mike_77712

    Looking for a model to cam that owns a pair of boxing gloves

    Hey there i'm looking for a girl that uses skyprivate or cammodeldirectory that can wear some boxing gloves and do a few things for me in a camshow. Feel free to pm me or reply to this post
  3. OliviaClarke

    Discord instead of Skype?

    Hi all! Ive done a search for more info on Discord but I wouldn't find much. I'm new and considering doing Skype shows, but I know Skype is starting to go downhill for models and I heard Discord was a good alternative. My question is, how do you set up payment for that? And has anyone found...
  4. Lilah_Marquise

    Getting paid for skype

    Okay so I got asked to do a skype show recently, but didn't have anything set up for it, so he wants to schedule something in the future. Says streamate has been freezing for him too much. (Might just be an excuse but whatever). I'm open to it, but still figuring out the best way to get paid...
  5. oowapp

    Skype Scheduling Issue: Opinions?

    So, kind of similar to a previous thread I read earlier today (total shit storm) but also different (not total shit storm). I purchased a discounted (50% off) Skype show via a club package from a top 100 model on MFC and have been unable to successfully schedule said Skype show. Bought the...
  6. Naomi Skyee

    MFC Skype Question

    I've been camming for about a year now, but I just recently started using mfc and have been having an issue no other site has caused me before; so I was wondering if anybody knew how to help solve it, or if it is even solve-able. I keep getting messages on my Skype account, I typically just...
  7. Trixie_Treats

    No Nudity on Skype?

    Hey everyone. So I took a long break because of traveling and then some unexpected health issues. I had to have surgery and still in recovery. I hope to get back online soon and decided to pop on after selling some MFC Share vids to thank purchasers. I logged onto skype and a friend told me that...
  8. QuinnLane

    Microsoft Bans Nudity - No More Skype They'll be able to monitor your calls for nudity/inappropriate content and ban you if they see fit.
  9. IntravenousFlytrap

    Skype Adding Thread...

    So I just opened a Skype account for both customers and model friends. :) It's pretty empty at the moment, so I figured I'd post here to make some new Skype model friends! I'd like to make a circle of friends who are also models. I think it'd be nice to be able to get close to a fellow model...
  10. PrincessAria

    Terrible Troll/Scam Attempts

    Ok so I wanted to make this post for two reasons. One being it'll probably bring a lot of laughs but most importantly it'll shed light on things cam girls need to be aware of. So I was just on cam and I had someone ask about Skype. Although I'm new, I've done a ton of research on this site to...
  11. C

    Question about MFC True Privates for Models

    Hey, Asking any cam models who use MFC if they ever watched another members cam, while in True Private with someone else? I assume if so, the second cam you are watching, the person can't see you, correct, since they didn't pay for the true private? Or do you watch porn, while also watching...
  12. Miss_Lorissa

    Where do you draw the line with chit chat? (time wasters)

    Hi everyone, I'm pretty good at getting straight to the point to weed out the paying customers vs. the time wasters, but I wonder if I push away potential customers by doing so. I've heard about the 5 min rule. Guy says he wants to go private or skype. We discuss the content of the show, the...
  13. LndsylohanMFC

    what is a good rate for a boygirl skype show?

    hey ladies.. i need an idea for a boygirl skype show base rate....
  14. SkyPrivate

    Win up to 4 Prizes of $1000 each with SkyPrivate

    This year the SkyPrivate team will be present at some of the most prestigious live camming events in Romanian and all around the world. To mark this special occasion in SkyPrivate history we are launching a series of 4 contests for each of the events we will be talking part in. The prize for...
  15. MixxedOtaku

    Super persistent client. Scam?

    So on while broadcasting I got in contact with a guy who wanted to do private show with me but outside of chatturbate. Understandable they want to pay outside so they can get more for their money. I said id look into making a Skype/google hangout/ Yahoo messenger. I later informed him I...
  16. IvyBrooks

    How to avoid scammers when doing Skype shows - a little advice

    I recently encountered a scammer while negotiating a Skype show. Luckily for me I knew how to identify the scam, so the scammer didn't succeed. But I thought I'd post some tips on doing Skype shows for other girls who may not be as aware of these scams. 1. I read that most camgirls only accept...
  17. SylvySinclair

    Hello, Sorry Amber if this is not the place to advertise the site to clients....pls change places if you see fit. ty So guys, Im the owner of and I would like to introduce you to the first and only fetish skype cam site on the web! The site is brand new but I have already a...
  18. SylvySinclair

    Not sure if this thread fits here, if not, pls forward ro the right place. ty Hey Ladies, Im very excited to announce my skype fetish site for independent cam girls! As I've seen a lot of vanilla sites out there lacking categories for fetish, I decided to make a more complete and totally...
  19. Frecks

    Safest way to get paid for Skype shows?

    Hey guys! Brand new cam model here! I keep getting asked to do skype shows, which is something I'm super pumped about because you can do way more shit on there than on regular camming sites My biggest concern right now is safety, though. Are skype shows safe? And if so how should I get paid for...
  20. Guy

    Alternatives To Skype

    What are the most popular alternatives to Skype?