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  1. H

    How to add a filter that can make your skin look smoother when streaming

    A good filter that doesn't disappear randomly no matter how close you are to the camera.
  2. Sugar_butt

    Snapchat Marketing

    Okay so when I started caming several months ago I got LOTS of users buying my Snapchat. I have a price that’s “for life” which I know some say not to do, but I use it to market when I broadcast, votes on favorite things I do in shows along with daily nude/ semi nude. Now, I can’t get ANYONE to...
  3. sweetcap33

    Buy Snapchat link

    Hi I've been a model on MFC for almost 2 years now and wanted to make some changes to my profile and I noticed some models have a button that say 'buy my sc XX toks' or just stating where they can click to buy it and when clicked, that amount of toks is taken and I would guess you just give them...
  4. Lelo1

    Snapchat Employees may have spied on users

    "Employees have used data access processes for illegitimate reasons to spy on users, according to two former employees." "One of the former employees said that data access abuse occurred "a few times" at Snap. That source and another former employee specified the abuse was carried out by...
  5. LaylaMae_

    Custom Snapchat Show Pricing

    Hello everyone! :) I'm a new model on MFC and recently started a premium snapchat. Today a man asked me if he could send me tokens or an amazon GC for me to do a public change room strip or cum show. I know I won't actually be able to cum but I could totally strip and play with myself. With...
  6. LadyVonPiper

    New Premium Snap? How Much Is Too Much?

    Hi there! So I started a premium snapchat, and have been advertising it for a few months now. But I only have 4 members on it so far :( One being my boyfriend who technically didn't pay for it. My issue is I don't know how much is too much to post, or too little. Do I do full shows as if my snap...
  7. A

    Already getting discouraged....

    (I'm also on my period right now, so a lot of this may just be hormones taking over, but I feel like posting it anyways). I'm on subreddits where you can advertise snapchats. I'm also on twitter, patreon, and extralunchmoney. I have trouble getting even just one person! I post and advertise...
  8. Lelo1

    Snap Camera

    Has any one looked into using Snap Camera? Looks like they have a guide to using Snap Camera with OBS.
  9. AJLive

    Snapchat buttons no longer taking photos.

    So, for the past few weeks my Snapchat volume buttons have completely stopped taking photos, along with my remote which uses the volume to take photos- the touch screen button still works. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Snapchat, cleared the cache, deactivated and reactivated my account and...
  10. ChantelleArmaj

    So....Twitter/Social Media For New Models....How do!??!

    I'm brand new to CB as I've only broadcasted 4 times so far, but already I have a couple of regulars that have asked me about Twitter and whether or not I have an account. Does anyone have suggestions on how to go about creating a Twitter, or even an Instagram or Snapchat as a model for your...
  11. C

    Snapchat Reminder - Disable Quick Add

    My apologies if this reminder/tip already exists somewhere or would have been better placed in a different area. This last week I've noticed a TON of models showing up on my Quick Add section of my Snapchat. Typically I see 1-2 people show up on there every few weeks but I've had at least 15-20...
  12. camillarose

    Snapchat and twitter

    Hello everyone!! So I finally got my snap and twitter setup,where do I go from here? What kind of things do I post on twitter to direct potential tippers to me? When I snap a picture on snapchat,are the pictures out for everyone to see? Sorry for the questions but I just need a little insight to...
  13. jessica21

    MFC banner size help please!!

    Hey everyone :) So I've been trying to make my snapchat and twitter banners for mfc, but I can't seem to get the size right. It's the length I'm struggling with. Is there a particular size that everyone uses? Or the size that you use that you might feel like sharing? Thank you in advance!!
  14. Witchessleep

    Fancentro vs reddit vs made it public?

    I've seen a couple ways people advertise their snapchat, but I don't know how popular each of these are. I've seen a lot of sex workers advertise themselves on reddit. They don't have a lot of comments, but they could have a ton of people PM them. I'll probably end up doing all three, but I am...
  15. ChubbiiBunnii

    Snapchat payment?

    Has anyone used payment through snapchat, I was thinking of doing a premium snapchat after a long few months of thinking, and Im not sure what payments to use, but I was going through snapchats settings and they now accept payments through it, so I wanted some opinions on if its good or if there...
  16. Witchessleep

    Fleshing out details for snapchat premium

    I've decided to start a premium snapchat and advertise it on my Chaturbate. To start out, I was going to do a 1 year snapchat access for 600 token, then as I get more fans, do 400 tokens for a monthly subscription and 1600 for a 1 year subscription. But before I start advertising it, I wanted to...
  17. Guy

    Teens leaving Snapchat

    Teens are now leaving the app move then ever.
  18. skarlettkwinn

    *New User* Snapchat Help

    Hello Everyone! I am a super new cammer, like barely started yesterday new lol. My fancentro is all set up & I’ve been trying to gain followers on my instagram account, I had 3 pay for my premium snapchat before it was even on fancentro yet so that was a nice start. I want to eventually do...
  19. melgray

    Questions about Streamates for Streamates Models

    Okay so, I was a solo streaming on SM. But now I have a couples account of sorts (it says male-female-couple so I'm assuming). I know from working with SM in the past that there are a fair amount of rules, and I simply don't want to break any. With that being said, would I be able to stream...
  20. ChubbiiBunnii

    Beginner question????

    So I hear mygirlfund, Images4sale, and extralunchmoney are good picture selling sites (since as of right now I am way too shy to do videos just yet) are there any other sites? and since I already have nudes and lewd photos on my phone are those also okay to post? A lot of them are used with...