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  1. Puffin

    Would you be interested in a snapchat alternative?

    Given the confusing response to the other thread. This poll is determine if there is any interest among models for a snapchat alternative.
  2. A

    Participating in a study

    Hi, I'm a CS Student at USC and as part of my online marketing class I'm having a study regarding sexting and its influence on social networks. Since I'd like to reflect and give first-hand insights, I came up with the idea of trying to reach out to you. I believe this community is a great way...
  3. Puffin

    Snapchat alternative for models

    Following the advice of @Miqote and others to find a way For a few days I have been talking with @SteveR in PM, I didn't know him until he posted on this forum. We have found that we both have spent years as professional software developers and also have run non-adult online websites. With...
  4. A

    New model starting soon. A few questions...

    Hey. Just signed up to be a model on MFC. Didn't start yet but I have a few questions for models or anyone who can answer because im having some trouble finding the answers im looking for. My webcam isn't the best .... Is there a way I can use my iPad or iPhone to cam/chat instead of a laptop...
  5. M

    Snapchat prohibits pornography, selling username.

    Hey all! I'm not a verified model but I wanted to bring this to the attention of other cam ladies and men. Please let me know if this isn't posted in the correct area or if it's a double thread, I don't come on here a lot but you are all super helpful when I do! Snapchat has recently changed...