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  1. Snap Pornstars

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  2. Lorena Brink

    Question: App Permissions on Dual Sim phones.

    I'm about to buy a Dual Sim phone (Android) so I have 1 sim for personal use and 1 for this work. I know you can bind each app to a specific sim card but one thing stays unclear to me and I hope someone in here can answer this to me, out of experience: Let's say I want to install Instagram. I...
  3. K

    Premium Snapchat Tips?

    So I'm setting up premium Snapchat and I'm not sure what rules I should set for it though. Allow screenshots or not? I do sexting on TalkToMe and I'm not sure if I should let clients sext with me as part of the subscription or make them have to go through TalkToMe still. What do you include in...
  4. A

    Premium SnapChat Leaks

    Hey there! Long time lurker, as I have never really had a reason, until today. I found this Reddit subreddit that not only is sharing private content (recognized a friend who is a prolific premium snapper), but also doing something worse. Now, things like this pop up all the time and it's...
  5. EbaeXXX

    Any other models using Snapchat want to SFS?

    Hey girls, just wondering if there's any of you that have a decent following on Snapchat, I average about 9,000 to 10,000 views per Snap in a 24 hour period. I'd love to grow my Snapchat account, so I was wondering if any of you would be up for doing a share for share to help each other out...
  6. KiwiGirlie

    Selling social media?

    I'm just getting back into being a camgirl after a 6 year break and things are SO different now. I see it's common for girls to sell their snapchats. Can you have two accounts at the same time? I have a personal account I use all the time, but I don't want to mix that with a camgirl account...
  7. NatalieP

    FanCentro: Selling your private social media accounts just got that much easier!

    FanCentro is a platform with one very distinct specialty. It is designed to make it easy for you to sell access to private social media accounts. Starting with selling snapchat, which is already used by over 2,000 models, FanCentro, formerly known as SnapCentro, will soon include selling private...
  8. babyfaceforever

    Hide your location from Snapchat

    Hey all, This great warning has been going around Twitter, but I want to make sure it has as much spread as possible. @AveryBlvck explains how to hide your location with the new Snapchat update Stay safe!
  9. B

    Personal stalker found my snapchat. What do I do?

    Okay, so for YEARS I've had issues with this guy that went to my high school being REALLY creepy and stalking me. I've blocking this guy from every social media possible everytime he pops up. Now, I'm new to camming and trying to keep everything private as possible. I even bought a wig and...
  10. xXDollFaceXx

    What do you do on your snapchat?

    So you sell your snapchat to someone, what do you do with it? Initially I assumed girls post sexy pics for guys to see on their stories, a little something more for when they're not on cam (as well as special pics sent to them if they win something). I was surprised when one of my buyers was...
  11. Lelo1

    Do you use Snapchat SnapCodes?

    Snapchat Snapcodes are QR codes that work with the snapchap app. People can quickly scan the SnapCode to goto a website or add you to their snapchat friend list. Some possible uses include posting them in your MFC chat. Using CSS to embed them into your chaturbate page. Posting them in your...
  12. Puffin

    Scott Adams Predicts "Snapchat is TOAST"

    Scott Adams predicts Snapchat's upcoming stock offering will fail soon after floating calling it "a dead company walking". Excerpt taken from Coffee With Scott Adams periscope vidcast from Feb 11th 2017. The oracle Scott Adams has predicted that snapchat is toast. What do you think? How good...
  13. NatalieP

    SnapCentro: Selling your private SnapChat just got that much easier!

    SnapCentro lets you easily sell private snapchat access! The system was built by the team who delivered to you and is made to help you sell SnapChat access in just a few clicks. If you have a ModelCentro website, you can login to your SnapCentro account with your...
  14. C

    Is there tax of gift cards?

    Do you have to count amazon gift cards received for snapchat in your taxes?
  15. KandiCamGirl

    Need advice... selling kik and/or snapchat

    I see some cam models selling kik. I'm starting to branch out and interested in selling kik and/or snapchat. I have been on snapchat for a while and understand how it works but I'm new on kik and still figuring it out. I want to sell independently and working out payment options at the moment...
  16. SatanJonez

    Bonnie's fetish & femdom Snapchat

    NOTE: I totally stole a majority of the rules from the lovely @AmberCutie's Snapchat takeover since it seems to work so well and usually run really smoothly. Soooo... What? I noticed awhile ago that there wasn’t really any takeover accounts for fetish/FemDom clip makers & cam girls. It seems...
  17. Kody

    Camgirls & Social Media

    Hi guys! So im just wondering, from a customers/followers point of view, how important is it to you that models make use of social media? The likes of twitter/instagram/tumblr/snapchat etc. Thanks! :)
  18. Cutie_Kisses

    Snapchat Trophies!

    Snapchat has become a staple in the cam world. As many of you know, they now have trophies. I'm curious to see how well everyone is doing! Post your Trophies, how long you've had your account (approximately) and/or your Snapscore! I believe this is what a full trophy case looks like but, every...
  19. Mira_xo

    What are your expectations in buying a snapchat?

    Hi! Please excuse any formatting errors as I'm typing this from mobile. I was wondering what your expectations are, as a member, when buying a model's snapchat. A few specifics I was wondering: How often do you expect a model to post sexually explicit pictures? Does it factor into your...
  20. LilyOhRiley


    Okay, so since I'm not yet in the secret Ladies' Batcave I'm going to ask this here: I've been selling clips for a while now and want to branch out into the selling of panties and shoes and snapchat subscriptions and possibly prints of my best shots from photoshoots...after looking around at...