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  1. Aaliyah summers

    Buying traffic for cb

    hi everyone I’ve been using chaturbate to cam for a while now and I’m nearly at 2k followers but it has taken me quite a while to reach this point, I have regulars that tip me and always come to my room but recently I’ve noticed a drop in the tips so I was wondering if buying traffic would be a...
  2. LadyVonPiper

    New Premium Snap? How Much Is Too Much?

    Hi there! So I started a premium snapchat, and have been advertising it for a few months now. But I only have 4 members on it so far :( One being my boyfriend who technically didn't pay for it. My issue is I don't know how much is too much to post, or too little. Do I do full shows as if my snap...
  3. KattySteel


    Hello everyone ! This topic I have searched even in the deep web (j/k) and the information that exists is very little. Context. I have exactly 1 month and 25 days since I first cam on myfreecams, the problem is this. Since I started, the camscore it has dropped to 300 and I was able to stay in...
  4. DivaTraffic

    An introduction to DivaTraffic - Traffic service for cam models!

    Hello everyone! We thought it is about time to give you guys an introduction and tell you about DivaTraffic, how it works and all the benefits you can get out of our service. DivaTraffic launched in march 2016. Our goal was to reach out to the cammodels in LiveCam industry to make it more easy...
  5. K

    Help! Why am I only getting 20 viewers or less on chaturbate!??

    I’ve been camming for 3 weeks now...approximately 8-12 hours a week. I do have a full time job and a toddler so working “more hours” isn’t possible? How can I tell if I’m on the community page or main page? The viewer number is low. The first week I made $400 now I’m lucky if I get 10-50 tks in...
  6. skarlettkwinn

    *New User* Snapchat Help

    Hello Everyone! I am a super new cammer, like barely started yesterday new lol. My fancentro is all set up & I’ve been trying to gain followers on my instagram account, I had 3 pay for my premium snapchat before it was even on fancentro yet so that was a nice start. I want to eventually do...
  7. Yavin4MFC

    MFC Traffic, Google Updates, Ads

    Related to my other forum thread. Couple other things to keep in mind: MFC is not "mobile first". That will hurt organic rankings over time. Google Chrome's built in ad-blocker specifically targeted spammy and intrusive ads. If that site mentioned in the tweet was placing those, that's on...
  8. HavanaHoneyy

    MFC traffic and time zones???

    ive been camming on mfc for about a week now and i feel like im doing ok as a beginner but still have a lot to learn however I did notice the traffic dropping a LOT! I was told that the end of January is extremely slow for everyone and many models chose not to cam at all at this time but I dont...
  9. Aayda_Heart

    Follow The Person Before You - Then Post "Last Comment!"

    This is a new idea I figured could be implemented for some new users such as myself to make friends! It's REALLY SIMPLE Too! Follow The Person Who Commented Before You! THEN - Reply with "Last Comment!" Try To Reply As Much As Possible To Gain More!
  10. P

    I need models to promote!

    I'm looking for models that work on iFriends. If you're not on iFriends, it's not hard to sign up. I have a ton of traffic I'm sending there, but only a few models that fit my criteria. If you're interested in getting your cam promoted heavily, post in the thread. I just signed up today so I...
  11. MissElly

    Took a LONG break, traffic is painfully low

    So this's the beef - I started camming over 4 years ago, first on MFC, and then switching to Chaturbate (as it fit my style much better than MFC). I also meddled about testing out different sites, to see what fit me best (so I have broadcaster accounts on MFC, CB, Cam4, etc) Long story short...
  12. Octavia_Kiss

    Best ways to GET and KEEP them coming?

    Hi there, I have been camming for a little over 2 months now. Since loosing my "new model status" on MFC, I've been having a harder time with keeping/getting traffic in my room. I have a few regulars that will come and hang out, tip me a few times, but I no longer have the same amount of people...
  13. MissMimi420

    What are some good camsites as of 2017

    So I started camming on MFC back in 2015 & kinda shot myself in the foot with it really. I didn't do my research, I didn't devote enough time, ect.. and feel like I messed my entire "cam career" Since then I have done SO MUCH research about so many cam related topics, but Can not find any...
  14. megacams

    Simple trick to improve your traffic

    Hi Guys, We launched a fun way to bump yourself to the top listings on Megacams. Just share your page on social media and you will be marked as a top model, and reach the top of our site listing. With this way we hope that new models and models with less traffic also have the opportunity to...
  15. SagenHoney

    PornHub Traffic Changes During Game Day ~

    I lol'd. Not super specific why but I suppose I could understand people needing to pull off that victory wank. ~
  16. xxxpage

    Mygirlfund Question

    How do I drive traffic to my profile? I ask because of the $3500 contest the site had every month for whoever gets the most unique visitors. I have tried blasting my social media with my url, Snapchatting my url. I have no idea how I am suppose to get more guys to visit my profile. Last month I...
  17. ForbiddenCoupleXX

    Please help a girl get more traffic & interaction!

    Hey I'm Aut, :hi: I'm new to camming & I've done both streamate & chaturbate so far. I did surprisingly good on our (I'm in a couples account) first broadcast but since then it's been slow. As in slow I mean very low traffic and very little interaction between the customers and us. I even bought...
  18. Guy

    Why is traffic on SM lower during the summer?

    Why is traffic on SM lower during the summer?
  19. troubleMeika

    I looooove MFC, but....

    I'll try to be short bt clear. I've been camming on MFC for 2 months already (was 1 month on SM and i loved it, but i had sign up with a studio and they were shitty people), and i like it aa looot, i like the guys, the vibes of the site, the interface etc. But there is only one problem... I...
  20. ArtsyAmelia

    Searching for some wisdom

    For the last three days I've been searching for some opinions which I cannot seem to find a clear answer to my question. I have been finding a lot of inspiring threads similar to what I need answered. If someone can direct me to a different thread or answer here it would be much appreciated...