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  1. KingMarti

    Phishing warning

    So a member came in my room, tipped 1 token with the message "Hello. Why is this girl complaining about you... [URL redacted] Do you know her" the domain looks like a chatrurbate domain, chaturbate.[non chaturbate domain extension] Member account: aleja_gomez They proberly have other...
  2. P

    Administrator Overstepping

    Shirley, I mod for a model who has just finished a long show. She took a 10 minute break when she finished & suddenly she gets the attached warning stating she was asleep on camera. I was there for the entire show & at no point did she fall asleep. The only reason we can think of for the...
  3. l0velyl0lita

    ID is not valid. Reason: This person is already age verified.

    Okay.. So I know that there is another thread addressing this, but my situation is a little different! On 9/2 I was broadcasting as usual, but decided to do something new. I brought my bf on screen for a BJ once I hit my goal (his face was never shown) and then got a warning a few minutes...
  4. M

    "LiveGirl" Camsite Twitter DM // SCAM ALERT

    I received this DM on Twitter that looks pretty suspicious. I am afraid to click his sketchy link, so I'm not 100% certain it's a scam, but I am 99% sure and here's why... >>> THE RED FLAGS <<< 1. The message comes from a Twitter user who doesn't follow me and I don't follow them, making...
  5. furryfeli

    not open for further replies>>multiple warnings from MFC cont.

    hey, sorry for not responding to that thread before it got locked- my first warning on mfc was about selling soiled underwear jan 17. which i have seen multiple models do via raffle, or straight out selling for tokens. WTF. second warning was feb 7 for, ahem, having 'dirty, nasty, taboo, no...
  6. furryfeli

    multiple warnings from MFC admin, help!

    hey y'all, long time lurker, first time poster (just made my ACF acct a few minutes ago)- i'm concerned about the warning/suspension/ban system on mfc and wondering if any models have had first hand experience with receiving mutiple warnings, etc? or suspensions? i've received two warnings for...