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  1. sikayoujo

    Virtual Lap Dancing

    Hey community, I saw this on a model's menu, after I've already been thinking of doing it myself. I recently decided I want my shows to be like a virtual strip club, and lap dancing is pretty basic. There's a lot of video on how to give an in person lap dance, but how are the webcam lap dances...
  2. MiramiChat

    🔥 New video chat

    Hello! 😍 We are glad to announce the launch of a new video chat On MiramiChat, men pay to chat with girls and girls earn money by chatting (from $ 0.3/min to $ 0.4/min). We would like to hear feedback and reasoned criticism of our project.
  3. AlexisAubrey

    Need a Logitech webcam?

    This is more for those that are new and don’t have a webcam yet, or maybe for someone that wants to upgrade their current webcam. Webcams are currently out of stock or marked up nearly everywhere due to the pandemic. BUT I discovered that if you refresh Best Buy’s website every 5-10 minutes or...
  4. Taste My Creme

    New Camming Website - Taste My Creme - Registrations And Suggestions Welcome

    We are proud to present to you a new camming platform Taste My Creme .com. The website is currently live and ready to use however our official launch is in late January. We plan to use this space to keep you updated with progress, new updates and receive feedback. We are currently accepting...
  5. BrynnBabe

    Questions About Tech Set Up

    Hello! I've been reading these threads and doing research for a couple months now, and it's been so helpful! I'm planning on starting on Chaturbate in late August, still a while a way. I just have a question about my tech set up and future plans for it. I have a dell inspiron 15 5000 currently...
  6. M

    Iphone as webcam? Yes its possible!

    If You have a not good webcam but have iphone You can stream thro iptone using obs :) The quality is looking nice ! Better than logitech :)
  7. NoraSkyes

    PC vs Mac + other tech

    So I streamed a few nights ago for the first time in ages but I kept being told the quality was less than desired and it lost me a few good opportunities to earn quite a bit of tokens. I know my internet connection was fine, so all I can think of is it has to do with the fact I am using a mac...
  8. Lelo1

    Smart Cameras Are Coming

    Last year Logitech Released Rally, a camera capable of smart PTZ. This year, Tail by OBSBOT it a self contained SMART PTZ Camera. It's being advertised as a stand alone 4K 12MP Smart PTZ . Including 3.5x Optical zoom. With built-in support for living streaming, Audio can be captured by adding...
  9. psychoactivekitten

    The best quality webcam suggestions?

    I have a logitech c270 I think? Its not the best but its not the worst. I need to upgrade it, and I know the logitech c920 is the one everyone suggests, but I also wanted to use the webcam to make videos for manyvids possibly. Would you still recommend the c920, or is there any other webcam that...
  10. ladylilith

    updated advice on webcams for mac?

    Hi AmberCuties, I am not verified as of yet (I started camming in July, however silly me took forever to just make an account on this forum to start the process), but I searched through the forums I could see for some advice on a good webcam that is mac OSX compatible. There was some great...
  11. bluebelle

    Disconnected while trying to use the web broadcaster

    Hey guys, I'm hoping I can get some help here. I'm a new model, I've been getting things ready and setting up my profile and am finally ready to get online and broadcast, but I've been having issues with the web broadcaster. I'm using my macbook pro, and google chrome. It gives me this error...
  12. Trixie_Treats

    Webcam for Mac with pan, tilt and zoom remote

    Howdy! I've searched the forums looking for a thread that might point me in the direction of what HD webcam has pan, tilt and zoom that would be compatible with my Mac. I currently have a logitec, but I'd love to be able to perform shows and not have to interrupt by physically moving my...
  13. M

    Lively Me

    Lively Me, which is a one-to-one live video chat platform. You can register as a live host to meet fun people worldwide, show off your talents, or just have some little chat with them. People who are interested in you must pay by minute to live chat with you. Here, you can earn $3000-$20000...
  14. A

    Problem W/ Video Quality

    HELP! I wasn't sure where to put this other than Ask-A-Model. I have a 1080p Logitech C920 webcam, which is a highly recommended camera for performing. The only recording software I have at the moment is OBS, which I heard is an okay place to start. I just recorded my first clip to be uploaded...
  15. X

    Me and fiance want to go to chaturbate from stream mate what's best payment option for UK!?

    We are still new to camming but on stream mate traffic seems to be very slow and alot of people not talking and leaving soon as joining we've tried talking and being flirty etc with no joy we want to go to give chaturbate a go but as we are in UK what' our best way of getting paid :)? Is there...
  16. A

    Suddenly 1-8fps on Chaturbate?!

    I cam almost every day on Chaturbate without any issues at all; have been for over a year now. However, today something odd happened during my show. My FPS went for the usual 28-30 on HD to about 1-8 fps. I did a speed test and I have 240mbps download and 3mb my internet seems...
  17. EbaeXXX

    Any other models using Snapchat want to SFS?

    Hey girls, just wondering if there's any of you that have a decent following on Snapchat, I average about 9,000 to 10,000 views per Snap in a 24 hour period. I'd love to grow my Snapchat account, so I was wondering if any of you would be up for doing a share for share to help each other out...
  18. K

    Questions for findommes.

    Hello fellow cam models/dommes! I'm sort of new to the adult industry (2 years), but this is my first time trying Webcam Modelling and Ive recently gotten into findom. I can say that Ive done okay, but Ive just started to purchase all my gear (meaning HD webcam, lighting, props, etc), so its...
  19. MatchAndTalk

    MatchAndTalk - Easy Way To Make Money From Anywhere You Want, Earn Up To $5000

    Join to the 1 million registered user MatchAndTalk world and start to earn right away from anywhere you want! Get your $50 bonus after talking just for 1 hour. You can earn up to $5000 per month. All you need is a device with a camera(laptop, mobile device, tablet) and internet connection. You...
  20. H

    UK tax/benefits advice?

    Sorry to bore you with the question that must crop up constantly. Im thinking about webcamming soon but Im thinking more of a irregular thing, for just a spare few pound here or there (nothing major, just like £50 here or there if i can manage it) come christmas etc. I've cammed for free before...