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A studio ruined my webcam model career: Seeking assistance and resolution.

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Jun 20, 2023
Hello everyone,

I am writing to share a situation that I recently encountered and seek advice and guidance. My webcam modeling account on Stripchat has been suspended, and I am in need of your support and insights.

First and foremost, I want to share a bit about myself. I am from Ukraine, a country that has been facing challenging times due to an ongoing war. In search of a better future, I made the decision to embark on a webcam modeling career, hoping to become an independent model and support myself through these difficult circumstances.

During my first week of streaming, while I was live and interacting with my audience, my account was unexpectedly blocked. The reason given was the alleged use of modified documents. However, I want to clarify that I had no knowledge or involvement in any document modifications. When I joined the webcam modeling industry two years ago, I trusted a studio to handle all necessary processes, including document verification. I was unaware of any potential issues with the documents provided.

Prior to the ban, I reported a user who was engaging in inappropriate and explicit conversations through private messages. This action, I believe, demonstrates my commitment to creating a safe and respectful environment on the platform. However, shortly after reporting this user, my own account was unexpectedly blocked. This sequence of events raises concerns about the possibility of false reports being filed against me in retaliation.


I have already contacted the support team at Stripchat, providing them with a detailed explanation of my situation and urging them to conduct a thorough investigation. Despite my efforts, they have reiterated that my account has been permanently blocked due to the use of technically modified documents. They consider this violation to be severe, and they have stated that their decision to terminate my account is final.
I want to clarify that I had no knowledge or involvement in modifying any documents. When I started in this industry two years ago, I completely relied on the studio I worked with to handle all the necessary procedures, including document verification. I had no idea about any potential issues with the documents they provided.

This situation has put me in a tough spot. I cannot change the past or undo any mistakes that were made. However, I am determined to continue pursuing my journey as a webcam model. I have always strived to follow the rules and create a positive atmosphere for my viewers.

I am truly passionate about being a part of the Stripchat community and creating a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone. I strive to be a model who not only entertains but also fosters a sense of belonging and friendship among my viewers.

@Charlie_SC @xChloe
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I want to emphasize that I was just a girl who had never engaged in webcam modeling before. The studio invited me to join their platform, and I trusted them to handle all the necessary procedures, including the verification process. I had no idea about their actions or any potential modifications made to the documents they used for registration.

During my time as a model, I would simply log into a pre-existing account on the studio's computer and start streaming. I had no involvement in the account setup or verification process, and I was unaware of any discrepancies or irregularities.

I kindly request a thorough reevaluation of my case, taking into consideration the circumstances and my lack of involvement or awareness regarding the account creation, verification, and management.

However, I have since made the decision to pursue an independent career and have successfully undergone the model verification process on my own. I have shown my commitment to upholding your platform's rules and have strived to provide a positive streaming experience for my viewers.

Given these circumstances, I am left wondering why I am being held accountable for the studio's actions. It is essential that the focus of accountability and consequences be directed towards the studio responsible for engaging in questionable practices, rather than penalizing a model who has been actively abiding by your platform's rules.

@Charlie_SC @xChloe
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Hey @icogirl

Please note, reporting a user is never a reason for you to be suspended - this would have nothing to do with what happened and is purely a coincidence.

If your account was suspended due to issues with your documents, this would be due to random audits we conduct with all accounts.
Please refer to my PM so I can obtain all your SC details and review your case.
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