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  1. G

    account verification,The face was banned because of working with the studio

    @@xChloe,@Charlie_SC, Hello, please help me. I am a Chinese girl. Because of the cooperation with the studio a year ago, the studio only let me upload a paper with a handwritten username and date, and let me open an account on st. Later, the owner of the studio told me that he used PS...
  2. N

    Banned Accounts

    Hi we are a studio account with 18 active model accounts. Our studio account is active and not banned... However we seem to have an issue with uploading ID's on a regular basis. We create new accounts for brand new models that have never worked online before and almost 50% of the time the...
  3. E

    I really need help, there may be 20 models without work @punker barbie

    @punker barbie Good afternoon, I understand that they are not very loved here, when the studio appeals here, but I do not see another way out, because terrible happened. The administrator who worked in our studio stole all models account data and changed passwords and emails. We admitted...
  4. K

    Regarding possibility cam studio that over exploiting their models

    Hello everyone i am new here, and actually i am here just for this very matter first i am just casual cam-sites visitor, not a cam-model myself its just like since last month, there is particular model that caught my attention, not only because she is pretty, but i think is she also quite...
  5. dps77923

    Model and Studio Operator

    Although most users have already know, but I need a reality check and discussion. Except for the Independence model, the private messages of model who working for a studio are all answered by the studio operator. At first I thought that the model was broadcast live in her room. One day, I saw...
  6. F

    Classic, should I be worried?

    Hey guys and gals (Mostly gals? Probably) So at the start of November I somehow ended up taking my first steps into camgirl viewership after 20 something years of not even touching it, and as luck would have it I managed to find in my opinion the best girl on basically my first day. Long story...
  7. D

    chaturbate vs webcam studios?

    Hello dear Chaturbate support and team! The Russian community of studio owners welcomes you. Recently, we have noticed more and more often that the internal passports of our citizens who have turned 18 years old do not pass registration and are most often rejected. According to our laws, a...
  8. A

    Unlock a studio account with more than 1000 models

    Hello dear Shirley @punker barbie! I was texting you, but I didn't get an answer, so I'm trying to find you here. I am AlisaMay. My studio account: . Tickets with case concerning this account are 17429642, 17439258, 17462906, 17485180. I write to you because I...
  9. T

    Need advice on starting up as a studio (please don't hate me) :)

    I have a few friends who want to start as a webcam models and I want to help them. I don't just want to make a studio account for me and then sign them up under me to get a %. I want to help them set up, teach them how to make a good and entertaining stream and assist creating and promoting...
  10. A

    Studio account banned = permanent ban from CB??

    Hello @punker barbie and everybody. I wanted to share a story about a problem that me and some other models have recently encountered. I used to work for a studio, which went defunct at the end of February, due to some legal trouble concerning its organizers. Some time later I found out that...
  11. P

    Gifts and Whatsapp with these studios

    Hello, I just want to give a cam model a gift. Good or bad idea? SCENARIO: I am basically new on CB (one month) and find most of what happens very positive. It's helped me a lot with being comfortable on cam through C2C and my twitter, PHub, and news habits have dropped off a cliff. I still...
  12. osdal05

    Get studio account

    Hi Almost a year ago I tried to obtain an MFC study account for the first one I created, but they never answered me, they only do it when the model is referred to in the request, will there be a delegate or representative of the MFC page that can help me? I opt for the study account to have...
  13. D

    Why do models sign up for studios?

    Hi everyone! I'm a member hoping to be more informed about studios. Studios are something I've discussed a bit with a former studio model and see mentioned all the time on the forum, but I'd appreciate everyone's thoughts so I can get a better perspective! Firstly, I understand studios are...
  14. P

    Out of home cam location

    Hello all! For those of y’all who are or are considering camming out of home - why? If you do cam out of home, what considerations did you take into account? If you’re just considering it at the moment, what’s important to you? Bests, PS
  15. L

    Create a studio account and add webcam models to this account

    Hello, everybody. http:// chaturbate. com/accounts/register/?studio=xxx I wanted to turn my broadcaster account into a studio account, and for this I replaced xxx on this link with my username. But I couldn't find out where I could check that my account was or wasn't a studio account. I asked...
  16. LenaByrum

    Any experiences with Paradise Kitty ladies??

    hello, I’m wondering if any of you have any experience at all with a studio named “Paradise Kitty” I’ve tried to search via thread but only a few small things come up. I’ve been with them for a few years so I would really enjoy to hear virtually any experiences you’ve had with them!!! Thank...
  17. J

    Doing a studio right

    Hi, After meeting a number of wannabe cam girls who want to work but can't do it form where they live, I'm setting up a small studio. I've read a number of posts on here about good and bad studios, and I want to get it right. For those of you that worked in a studio, what did you like and...
  18. J

    Percentage/share question

    Hi good day, im thinking about open a studio my questions are about percentage between sites, model and studios, the web pages are jasmin and streamate. For example: jasmin gives 35% to the model, then the studio takes how much from those 35%?? I'm in a Latin country Thx in advance, have a...
  19. Studio 20 LA

    Studio 20 LA is actively seeking Japanese/Asian cam models!

  20. D

    Bongacams? Has anyone been succesful there?

    So last summer i moved out with my boyfriend into our new apartment right after i got my first new car. I worked in streamate for 2 years and i still worked under the same account my studio provided me so yea i was making like 20% which was shitty considering you have to pay your rent, buying...