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Feb 13, 2020
So I want to keep this short and as anonymous as I possibly can without backstory of why I am trying to be a cam model. I am trying to get into camming as an asexual virgin. I REALLY do not like being naked, that being said, I know that I have to obviously. I have never masturbated before but have started to and i hurt so bad as i never inserted anything that even moving with the lush in hurts. I have cam modeled for 12 days i think now, taking a break between the days to heal. My average times are minimum of 6 hours with at most 30 users, at least, 3 users in my room.I have major anxiety about it, (I puked 4 times on cam the first night when i first used my first sex toy), and to top it off, im BBW, so not skinny and cute, meaning, my margin is super duper small. I

What sites are best to cam on for BBW women, maybe even women who cannot squirt or feel pleasures so most is faked?

I used to professionally model, 18k at the least account on instagram and 20k+ on facebook. I cannot use my real fanbase for a plethora of reasons, safety being in the top .

How do you ever get comfortable being sexual and nude on cam? The only sites i tried so far are cam4 and chaturbate, cam4 being the worst, chatrubate being the best minus once when i got warned for crying on cam because a few trolls in the room REALLY laid into me for 3 solid days making various accounts when i kicked/banned them. Do you get often trolls who mock you and condescend you?

Another question, I never had a bedroom, i do not now, i cam in a living room, do i need a cute artsy background to cam as everyones room i see is beautiful.

TLDR My Questions:
- What may be a camsite very BBW and maybe even not as "insert things into yourself" that may suit me?
- What is a good way to increase a private fanbase? I have 700 views daily on snapchat that suggested this for 5 years and I finally got into it after something horrible happened making me need an income.
- How can I make masterbating less painful? I have only the lush and it doesnt fit comfortably.
- What are some ways to get over my extreme fear and feeling horrible being naked?
- Are trolls common on these sites in this line of work?
- Do I need a "staged" area? Does it matter as much?

I am open to any advice. :h:

Disclaimer: I am aware this is NOT the career for me. I am also not the person for this sort of work and I think many people can tell as I have been majorly called out on it plenty of times. I am doing this because my choices are very limited so i want ot make this successful.


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Aug 23, 2018
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I know this doesn’t answer any of the questions you asked but I can’t pass by this without saying that 1) you can absolutely be non nude as a cam girl, it’s actually quite common, you can even search this site for suggestions regarding that and 2) you absolutely do not have to use a lush or do any sort of insertion style masturbation. It really should not hurt you, and a lush isn’t a requirement. You don’t even have to masturbate on cam honestly, but if you do want a tip activated toy you could consider the lovense domi which is like a hitachi style toy.
You don’t have to do anything you don’t like, and success comes with doing things that are more natural for you. Your room, your rules.
Hey! I am chubby thick cam girl and don't do hardcore penetration shows. I just use a small clit sucker toy and my fingers for most of my shows. Even then, a lot of my stuff is ass worship/fetish shows so you can absolutely be a cam model without having to hammer away and hurt yourself. To answer your questions I'm putting my reply bolded to make it easier to read.

- What may be a camsite very BBW and maybe even not as "insert things into yourself" that may suit me?
Try Streamate.Com. This is the site I'm on. I'm a former cb/mfc girl who prefers SM greatly. While the site can be more sexual meaning less people are there to build up personal connections and just want to jerk off, there is a lot more fetish members there. Even my maturbation shows are a lot more toned down to be accomidating of my body needs (I physically get sick from deep penetration). You will get demanding ppl of course, but that happens on every site. The ones I make the most $$ from end up way more polite and respect my comfort zone.

- What is a good way to increase a private fanbase? I have 700 views daily on snapchat that suggested this for 5 years and I finally got into it after something horrible happened making me need an income.
Most mainstream cam sites will have traffic built in so you don't need to hardcore market yourself unless you're comfortable with it. I use twitter, pornhub, xvideos, instagram but my posting on any of these places vary wildly. I think social media marketing is more important if you're selling clips or on a membersite like onlyfans

- How can I make masterbating less painful? I have only the lush and it doesnt fit comfortably.
Lots of lube. And don't use anything if it hurts. I think it's more important to be able to perform comfortably VS do things that don't work with your body that can take you out of work for a few days. This just happened to me yesterday using a mega-size dildo I'm not used to which led to horrible cramps that kept me in bed the rest of the day. I find the lush uncomfortable and weird.
Stick to small stuff. I recently got this toy and I love it.


I also used this one on cam after I phased out my collection of big dildos and I think it's really gentle for beginners too:


- What are some ways to get over my extreme fear and feeling horrible being naked?
Watching more cam models with similar body types helped me so much! I started googling for curvy/thick cam models, watched how different models worked and it's helped a lot with stage fright for me. Which I know is different from fear o being naked but I think this could be useful to.

- Are trolls common on these sites in this line of work?
YES YES AND YES. Fortunately, there are more just horny members than lame ass wannabe edgelord trolls but you will encounter them. Every single cam model of all shapes and sizes will have trolls.

- Do I need a "staged" area? Does it matter as much?
It can make things easier set-up wise to have it all put together so you don't have to break stuff down like lights/chairs/desks etc. But mine isn't what I would call 'pretty' lol. I actually prefer to have a plain room because when I cammed with a bunch of cool stuff behind me members would focus more on that. Put it this way, I've been camming since 2012 and have never had a set up I thought was beautiful. I still make a living off this. I think the one thing is to have the area clean and uncluttered. That is more important than having a grand, beautiful set up.
If you're comfortable with doing fetish stuff you could probably do pretty well on Streamate. It's a private based site and bottom nudity is not allowed whatsoever in public chat (and most models charge a few dollars, or gold, for titty flashes, but even that's not required to offer). Most of the traffic there is paying traffic since you have to pay to really see anything, so you're a lot less likely to deal with trolls, unlike on Chaturbate. If you stay on Chaturbate, you can always mute greys, who are the most likely to be trolls.

Also, I'm not sure if you'd be comfortable with making videos, but BBW clips seem to do very well over on Clips4Sale. A lot of the BBW clips I've seen in the top clips site wide don't have masturbation, or even that much nudity, in them. It's usually just videos talking about weight gain, eating (mukbang) stuff, or just overall body/belly exploration/worship type stuff. I'd definitely recommend going browse through the categories, because even if you don't make videos you can get a feel for what members are looking for and you can offer it in privates if you're comfortable enough with it.

I totally agree that you shouldn't be doing anything that hurts you or makes you uncomfortable. You can 100% make money without masturbating or being nude.


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Mar 17, 2018
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As nobody has done it yet, I'm going to dedicate this post to the pain part specifically.
Please look into vestibulodynia. I'm suspected to have it as I'd fail the "Q-tip test" (pain if someone uses a q-tip to touch the entrance) immediately. It can be caused by hyper-sensitive nerves, or more often than not, it's psychological. Treatment is possible!

Vaginitis is another one that could cause pain by tightening up involuntarily. Please see a gynecologist and specifically ask for those with experience in vestibulodynia/vaginitis or prepare to have a bad time. Mentally prepare to expect feeling trauma when reading up the symptoms you're having, but I can personally tell you that there's hope.
Camming has slowly but surely helped me use one finger with 90%+ no pain at all. 2 fingers is mostly painless. I successfully had a gynecology exam without crying in '18 or '19 for the first time in my adult life. I have a long journey ahead of me but the adult industry has helped give me hope that sex will never again feel like I'm being assaulted with a knife. I can also insert tampons without pain, which is something my younger self couldn't.
Penetration hurts less when I started saying no to dildos in my shows. I'll recover at my body's own pace shamelessly.

(I recommend these dildos for gradual dilation if you're interested. Extremely smooth material and ultra-beginner friendly.)

Definitely try streamate. I use what I'm comfortable with (fingers only) and no dildos and do well on SM. The more you say no, the more you will keep the audience you want to have - aka those who are fine with no dildo penetration.

Body confidence comes with time, and body confidence helps you relax, which helps you feel much less pain.

What you are experiencing is authentic to you, and I think that if anybody understood your struggle, they would understand why you're faking it. So long as camming is still enjoyable, that's the main thing. It doesn't have to bring you real orgasms to bring you real happiness. Focus more on the internal joy of the entertainment side than the internal struggle of orgasms, is my advice.
Your body, your rules.
You are the one who has the power over yourself, and respect it by saying no to something you're not comfortable with no matter how high the tipper is.
May 11, 2017
Terra Firma
Not a model, just a lowly member. But, wanted to add a couple of things

Regarding the pain, I'll second what @KMH states. Get an appointment with a gynecologist. I personally have been with women who either have pain with penetration, or are so sensitive that oral sex causes major discomfort (it was described to me as a cat licking her there). yet, they can do penetration. It's something they have learned to live with, or have improved to where they are now.

As to explicit, no one says you have to be. There's some top models on MFC that show limited nudity (nipple peaks, etc) in public and never do privates because their room does well. it took a while to get there because of building up a following. but, it is possible. Just need to find what works for you, and brings people in.

There's some models who do partial nudity, and implied sex. In a way, I find this to be almost as erotic (sometimes more), than an explicit video. Why? Because a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Don't just show it, seduce me with it. Make me think about it, imagine it. Make me want it. I purchased a couple of clip videos of a model from here, and really have to commend her for how well they were done. :)

It's all in how you want to do it, and how comfortable you would be doing them. But, definitely some options where you don't have to be explicit.


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Mar 15, 2012
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: I am aware this is NOT the career for me. I am also not the person for this sort of work and I think many people can tell as I have been majorly called out on it plenty of times. I am doing this because my choices are very limited so i want ot make this successful.
You answered your own question. You stated it firmly and clearly. Do something else. There are other options. I don't know why the rest of this thread so far is trying to talk you into something that's obviously wrong for you, mentally and physically.


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Aug 18, 2019
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You answered your own question. You stated it firmly and clearly. Do something else. There are other options.
I agree with this, however I think that one can find joy in camming even if they didn't think they would initially. I am assuming that op thought that people who cam have to do certain things to be successful. hence this thread. If this is the only option for her, then we can help make it work for her best we can.

Everyone has given really great advice in here. Something that I would like to add is that personality is super important. Why do you have so many followers on IG and FB? What sort of things did you post that made people want to follow you and stick with you? What is your interaction like with those people? What sort of pics did/do you post? Tap into that part of you and just translate it into camming. You like to pose in sexy outfits? Are you an artist? Do that in your room. What can you offer people? Why would people want to spend their time and money on you? Are you flirty? Fun? Silly? More seductive? Be this way with members. Play games. Tease. Chat. Sing a long to music. Dance. Be sexy. Be unsexy. Just enjoy yourself and if you're enjoying yourself, other people will too.

I am non-nude and the only people who have seen my tits are those who have purchased pic sets from me. I feel that I do relatively quite well. You do not need to ever get naked. Only do this if/when you feel comfortable. I do masturbate occasionally, but use angles and clothing to block the view. Use the lush on your clit if that feels good to you. You can use your panties to hold it in place or just hold it with your hand over your panties if you want. I do the former if it's being tip activated and the latter if I'm in control.

Something that really needs to be said is that you are and will be recorded by people/bots and uploaded elsewhere. There is no stopping this and once something is online, it's online forever. Really think about this before moving forward in this job. All those followers you have elsewhere can find out. Your friends and family can find out. Are you okay with the repercussions of that?
Feb 13, 2020
I will be blunt at the risk of outing myself, I am in a highly abusive situation and he basically closed corners to me, considering i know that one person and he actually broke a bone and killed my pet, then stole equippment i had to work (IE a camera bag as i was a professional model and photographer) I no longer have means to do these things, leaving my house causes me anxiety, and i am limited on what sites I use as in the past a few sex workers have brutally attacked me for being what they deem a "houlier than thou" Christian due to my mindset. So none are on chaturbate, many are on myfreecams, onlyfans, and another site I do not see mentioned here often.

Since 2013 I watched the models I used to model with get into sex work, this is neither good nor bad, just an observation. This has revolutionized the market for camgirls and other sex workers in my opinion. Many people made this work more and more acceptable in society, in relationships, and overall there are less negative reactions from male fans or males in general. Since 2015 I would say, I have had endless inquiries about it. I would sell a pic here or there for 10 a custom picture and slowly have been toeing the line towards sex work.

What makes me uncomfortable about it is simply i am not like that. And being harmed for not being like that, yet doing it, I feel I am a hypocrite. Not to mention showing my southern region makes me personally shy and sits wrong with me. I am fine being topless, Let the world see my nipples, but the vaginal area just makes me feel so odd. I know not a way to explain it. I also fear that it can effect my modeling, I know not if it is just an odd thing i have seen, but it seems fewer photographers work with the models i used to know once they publicly came out as SWers. As a photographer, I personally didn't care, but no idea if the market still looks down on these models as unprofessional or not .

I do not know how to quote but I did want to respond to the one about "do not do this job".
BritneyB, I used to post professional BBW modeling photos back in 2010 when it was more niche than it is now, my quality was always high. Since I stopped being allowed outside less, i stopped posting as much so many are just inactive accounts. I did ONE lingerie shoot and it was so obvious in my expression and pose how uncomfortable i was. When i posted in less than a bathing suit i felt decent but i have had others tell me this is a market and i need to alter myself for it. ex. A professional photographer who has been in a few magazines telling me i need to conform, this was years ago, too lazy to find where he basically said i need to do topeless I am not fun, flirty, silly, or seductive but I am intelligent and quite entertaining with an odd sense of humor and an odd mindset, thus why people on CB tend to stay and return to my room. I am aware if a bot or someone records this it is online forever, I made a gif of me from a camshow not too long ago pouring syrup on me. I try to wear a wig but i mean, my family doesnt exist, i have zero friends, and honestly if it did get out with my modeling name it would bring forth more fans. I just do not want people to victimize me moreso because i am an asexual doing "sexual" things. which is the whole confusion thing now.

Idealistically, if i could be anon nude model, it would be fantastic, or even a topeless model, but with the market ever changing, people wanting more, my personality and looks and size, i highly doubt that is a probably solution unless i spend years to build up my fanbase again. Which I lack the professional equipment for.


About marketing on pornhub as someone mentioned as well as fetish content, there are thousands of fetishes, what are soom good ideas besides the basics of stuffing, feederism, belly, eating/mukbang, and overall big/small dymanic? Is there a list of non xxx fetishes out there to investigate?

I think i will order the mermaid vibrator, that is a really good price :eek:

@ KMH : Someone actually came into my room last week and mentioned that, i looked it up on cam and i think that is the one that can be related to trauma, the symptoms seem very similar to what i have, but i have not seen a medical professional about it to get a proper diagnosis. I am glad there is hope though.

But honestly as i see it:
Worst Case Senario : I get enough money to earn back my equipment, a few people release my name "oooh look at this girl cammodeling" and i get some judgment from folks, and some support from others.
Best case senario: I grow confident, to like it, meet some wonderful people and stay.

But when i do something, i do it with my whole heart. I don't halfass.
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Jan 3, 2013
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