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Account banned for no reason

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Oct 3, 2022
Hello blog guys, on monday november 14, only in 30 minutes online, my account was banned for no reason, I had been working for chaturbate platform for 9 months, never received any WARNING or BANE before, I have been banned and asked that they answer me with the reason since I have not violated the rules of the platform, it was a sorry ban, I would like you to help me @punker barbie since the only answer they gave me was the following if they give me the reason, I have more 7 months here on the platform and this had never happened to me, even on November 4 I updated the age verification with the new method and it was approved by the platform, so I don't know what the problem was? thanks for your attention

my username: jakemillerss_



prohibición de chaturbate.jpg
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