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Account Suspended for looking too young :/

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Jul 3, 2023
Hello :)

My account got banned again for looking too young :( ar at least thats what they say.

I provided ID and worked for CB in the last 3 years but lately i have been getting banned for "looking underage or looking too young" they send me again a msg that says that my account its suspended and will be able to broadcast in 6 months, this is the third time that it happens
Hello @punker barbie where can i see that? did they gave instructions to re verify? im so confused :(

Thats what they said, but i really think its an error because im a 21 years old male but still receiving many reports from anonymous trolls, the only people who should be able to report its the users who already gave tokens, or thats what i guess. thats the answer that they gave me

We thank you for your email. As noted in our email to you, we understand you have provided this documentation; however, we must take all steps to avoid even the impression that we are allowing minors to broadcast through the CB platform. Unfortunately, this means that occasionally we need to block a user’s ability to broadcast — even when they prove that they are over 18 — because they appear to be too young.

Again, we encourage you to reach out again in 6 months. All amounts in your account will be dispersed on our next payout date.

I really dont look underage im 21 but theres allways many trolls pressing the report buttom
on my account :( if you can see my account had a 100% sattisfaction score but many anonymous users reported me :(
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