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Another ban thread....

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Sep 17, 2022
Hi @punker barbie ..

I made a previous thread regarding being permanently banned from CB after years of performing there..

I admit that I have had a few accounts, 2 were banned, others disabled as I have come and gone from the site.

last time I tried to verify myself there was with an account username: the_badger_milk...

They banned me needlesly like many others. I made this account many many months back hoping for a fresh start. With the energy crisis in full bloom here in the UK I need to get back into webcamming in order to make ends meet.
You've already had your threads and people responded with answers. You seem to continue to try and make new accounts to circumvent your original ban, for some reason you can't grasp that it isn't allowed.

I've banned you from this forum for making violent threats against CB's staff.

Move on, take care.
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