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bann account chaturbate

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Jan 10, 2023
good morning @punker barbie what a shame to bother you again, we have been doing the process of banning the account of one of our models aprill stone for a few days (it is not her real name, just her username) where they asked us for a photograph of the owner of the master account of the study, along with its head document and some data on a sheet, please I request your help, with a response from this email since after having sent the image on several occasions to help us with the process, we have not been able to continue, please help @punker barbie I attach evidence, without revealing the document and face or name of the person


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Hi @punker barbie can you please help get my account unbanned. My model name is ( iamfreakybaby ) God Bless You :)
Hello @iamfreakybaby Thank you for your follow up. Support has confirmed that they have received your email and is currently being looked into. We appreciate your patience. Support will get back to you as soon as possible
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Hi @punker barbie, I've been banned and have sent an email to support but got not answer. My username is as my profile name here : lukejames10. Can you please confirm the support got my email? I got the automatic response but no ticket number and no response for 1 week. Thanks
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