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  1. W

    Affiliate program has been flagged and my account banned!

    Hello @punker barbie my account user: WONDERDAYAN was banned at 01 December, i sent an email to support and they don't asnswer yet. At 03 December i recieved this email (attached) and i really very confused, i post my ref link on Twitter 15 days ago i don't if people use it for sign up fakes...
  2. R

    Account Banned

    Hi, I got my account blocked back in February. Just found out today that it turns out you can get help here. My account was less than a week old, before the broadcast I made sure to read all the rules and made notes. On the third broadcast I got a permanent ban. I still think it was some kind of...
  3. J

    I got my account banned, please help me

    I got my account banned and i don't know what happens. Please @punker barbie help me reviewing the topic. Whatever I do I only get automatic response from support. Since is the only site that working great and I have many followers I will be happy to continue working on platform and gladly...
  4. A

    Broadcasting suspended - how serious?

    Hello everyone, I'm a brand new model and today was going to be my first day. I've been up since 5AM sort of stressing out, making sure things are perfect, etc. I invited a close friend over for moral support and asked them to help me make sure my stream looks good before I start. Since the...
  5. D

    Account Suspended

    Hello Chaturbate (@punker barbie ), I an independent broadcaster from Kenya, I am unable to verify my identity on your website because I require a passport, I am neither planning to travel nor have the means to get a passport for myself. As a result, I would like to request my identity to be...
  6. M

    Account banned, can't get verified

    Hi @punker barbie I saw you're helping people with their accounts. Mine was banned on Monday, because my guest's age verification didn't go through. We sent many IDs, passport pictures and e-mails to support already, he even tried making an account on his own only to find out he was banned there...
  7. W

    Help with CB account banned

    Hi all, I signed up today for broadcasting and after I verified my identity, my account was banned. There’s nothing wrong with my id info. The account showed verified and work normal as I was browsing through the settings. A few minutes later it was banned. Can someone please help. Username...
  8. badbabybunny

    flirtymania ban??

    Hey yall long time no seeee~ anyway i have been mainly using FM (flirtymania) for my main streaming due to the fact that i liked their system and accessibility better.... I tried logging in yesterday-- it said i was banned and gave me an error code with no explanation. I tried contacting...
  9. M

    Account banned for no reason, still haven't reactivated

    Hi @punker barbie My account was blocked for no reason. And i already got email from chaturbate about my account is active now, but it is not even active. Please can you confrim my request to support? i really need my account back! ticket number: 19415860 Thank you! @punker barbie
  10. Smores

    Is There a Way to Exclude Chaturbate Threads from "What's New"?

    I do not know if Amber's discussion forum software has this feature, but is there an easy way to exclude all of the posts in the "Chaturbate" section from the "What's New" list? It is pretty obvious to everyone that Amber's forum has become CB's default support forum, and these CB-related "I...
  11. N

    Chaturbate Affiliate Account Banned After 8 Years Promoting Them

    Hello everybody. First of all, I am sorry that I came up to this forum like this just to ask for help, but to be honest I do a bit devastated. I was told to do so, that someone can help me out. @punker barbie - I would really appreciate your help. Just to be clear I want in no way to harm...
  12. GothicGirl

    Account banned ticket 18933805

    the user is @catsdream ticket 18933805 the account have been banned without explanation, there have been not answer from support so far, there is tokens there i would like to withdraw, or at least that they send the tokens back to the accounts that sent it to me, pls i need help and answers...
  13. C

    Wrongfully banned

    I (20yo) and my gf (22) year old, we’re camming and we just started the day before. I started first the night before she got here and there were no problems. Then mr and her cammed, but keep in mine I got her verified PRIOR to the stream. I verified her three times to make sure. 1st time was...
  14. G

    Banned Account

    Hello, I was blocked for streaming a game on your platform, I have read the site rules and will not break them anymore, I wrote to support, but they do not answer me, I ask you to solve my problem, I really love your platform @punker barbie please help me :( CB Name: Goddess_Aurore
  15. G

    Account was banned and we believe it is an error

    my friend Kara_moor had her account banned on 11/5/2021 and we believe the reason was not valid. Ticket numbers are 18554144 and 18552256 We believe this is from a statement when Kara said she always loved to flirt with boys starting from 14 years old. She was banned soon after. This was...
  16. B

    chaturbate banned me by mistake

    Please help me. Username biengrossa account banned You really banned me by mistake I have had this account many years ago and I know the rules. I mostly use this account for Solo broadcasts. Last week I invited two verified models, they also have chaturbate profiles First you block my account...
  17. B

    Berryxberry BANNED ACCOUNT [Chaturbate] 18299938 SEPT 24 NO RESPONSE

    Hi @punker barbie I need your help, beg you. My username is berryxberry, I want to work I LOVE the page and my users please help me. Got banned on September 24 since then haven't got a response, sent many emails but still no response. Please if there is something you can do I will do whatever...
  18. Vitaviper

    Age verification, banned account and token movement

    My account was banned! I did not use the account for like 2 days it says that someone appear that has no documents, so i reupload my own documents and they said i was alredy verified, then y try with my friend documents as we were going to stream as couple and they block my account completly...
  19. Lulu_Ayana


    Hello! @punker barbie My user name is Lulu_Ayana on Chaturbate. Ticket #18186677 I think I misinterpreted the TOS with accidently posting a different website link in my bio. May I get some help with my ban as this is my first ever and I truly didn't realize what i was doing as im sorta new. I...
  20. Cox Deep

    Is your account banned? Need help?

    Is your Chaturbate Account banned? Are you having a hard time getting in touch with anyone? Or even worse, getting a response? Well I have your 100% solution guaranteed. You see, it all started yesterday, I had been banned for broadcasting outside. I totally understood why I was banned...