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  1. D

    My account was banned from Chaturbate after logging in from my friend's laptop! Help!

    Hello @punker barbie , my username is the_real_jack97 I have been a broadcaster for around 3 weeks, and ever since I logged in from my friend's computer (even after verifying my account by sending me a verification code by text message), my account has been banned! I haven't violated any of...
  2. Anthea22

    Banned before to start camming withou any reason.

    Hello @punker barbie . The support just transferred my followers from anthea22 to anja_willes with my studio permission and THANK YOU for this ,but when i try to log in i will receive this. Account banned , i swear i didn’t do anything wrong ,I did not even start streaming. Account ...
  3. S

    Could I work for Chaturbate if I have been banned?

    Hey ladies! I'm new here, glad to be in the community lol. Anyways... I created an account on Chaturbate, but didn't get verified due to me having to update my license. So, I broadcasted for free for fun and briefly showed my boy toy and got banned. I realize it's against their policy, so it's...
  4. R

    Chaturbate account keeps getting banned but want to apply

    So I got refused last summer for a Chaturbate account although I was and am 18, but decided to wait a little longer as others suggested. Now 8 months later I want to apply again but I can't make a new account without getting banned immediately and when I contact support: I either get no response...
  5. macatrama

    get banned for nod valid reason

    hello there to all im a chaturbate model so i get banned this morning for a not valid reason, they told me i was doing stuff with animals and i don't do those stuff, i've been working there for a year and this never happen to me so please i need help people i contact support but i really need...

    Suddenly blocked! Freaking out! Please help!

    Hi Ladies - God I never thought I'd be writing this - so it took a while for me to get used to MFC in general....and when I first started I came from WCM where men were welcome on cam with women - I had no idea that when I was working at a friend's place and he was doing things in the bg like...
  7. Kinky_Kity

    Chatrubate account terminated

    Seem I have been banned from CB and have been contacting support to find out why but seems it's going no where regarding to find out what the reason why banned/terminated and what I have violated in their terms and conditions. Is there anyone else I can contact to investigate and may be try to...
  8. Ariel Grey

    Banned for no reason?

    I just got banned in the middle of a private show? I was putting pantyhose on for a customer when suddenly I get this message: Account Banned We have reason to believe that you may have violated our terms of service. Like why?! I reviewed the terms and service multiple times and I haven't...
  9. L

    Is there a reason I'm Banned?

    Tried to Cam this evening on Chaturbate. Let my followers know I was about to get online and one of them hit me up and sent me a photo saying that my Cam was Banned. But WHY?! I don't believe I violated anything. My twin sister and I had verified our age. Was it because I was filing with my...
  10. PoppyBryers

    Accused and Threatened with Banning. What do I do?

    Hello! This would be more for the models that have been around as long as I have or longer that are experiencing some seriously ridiculous issues with MFC admins. Over the years, I've been givin' stupid warnings such as, "Change your avatar. There's nudity in it and/or it needs to be real life...
  11. J

    CB: Getting banned from other girls rooms?

    Is there some kind of unspoken rule I'm unaware of? I'm a new camgirl, been broadcasting for about 3 weeks on Chaturbate now. When I'm not broadcasting I'm still on the website visiting other people's rooms to see what other people do, getting some inspiration, study their prices or just simply...
  12. B

    I was banned for looking underage on Chaturbate.

    I was reported for looking underage and was banned from Chaturbate. Has this happened to anybody and does anybody have any advice. Is there anything I can do to get my account back and prevent this from happening again? I have e-mialed CB support many time, but they just tell me there is nothing...
  13. N

    Another chaturbate farce

    My friend went to login , her Chaturbate account has been banned She's done nothing, and had just 7000 tokens in her account.. With the following rude accusation. "As we trust you are aware by now, your access to the Chaturbate service has been terminated due to your fraudulent activity in...
  14. Showtime Studio

    Chaturbate account Banned

    Hello all, I have a problem with Chaturbate, all our Studio models account were banned and are not able to watch any other cam. The accounts are verified and able to receive tokens, also the money is transferred to studio account each day. But they cannot watch cams. I tried contacting...
  15. MojitosJourney

    Hitting the "ban button" on people in your life.

    Since I started working as a webcam model this July, I learned pretty quickly the importance of "banning" harmful people who were in my chatroom. If someone was racist, abusive, manipulative, disrespectful, trying to use me, or any other kind of behavior that didn't fly with me, I learned how I...
  16. Charlie Wilson

    Does it get old? Another Model Banned from Chaturbate

    Hey everyone. My name is Charlie Wilson. I am a male model on Chaturbate. I have over 10000 followers. I was reported last night for soliciting. Apparently when you sit in a chair enjoying your ohmibod that is soliciting. From reading these posts I guess this happens a lot. I emailed...
  17. Stefan

    Banned from Chaturbate, Illegal and Prohibited Conduct

    Hello ACF. Today was a friend of mine banned from Chaturbate because she broke rule nr.5 "Illegal and Prohibited Conduct f.Performing while intoxicated, whether from drugs or alcohol, is strictly prohibited." Is there any chance for her to get her account back? Or open new one? Anybody has any...
  18. Puffin

    Kati3kat banned from Chaturbate

    So, today Chaturbate banned what I believe was there most popular model. Will likely bring a lot of chaturbate people over to MFC. Katie has 111K twitter followers and it seems will be on MFC from now on.
  19. ramblin

    Handwritten passports no longer accepted by CB, maybe more

    This has been discussed in a few threads, but I figured it deserves to stand alone for search/linkability. The International Civil Aviation Organisation has declared handwritten passports not valid for international air travel starting November 24th of this year. A passport is considered...