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Best Chaturbate payment method to the UK ????

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Sep 18, 2016
Hi all,

Cant find any uptodate threads on this. Wire transfer would be my preferred method but seems quite an expensive fee.

I have signed upto epayments, but another model warned me about not receiving a card from there.

Anyone get cheques or use paxum/cosmo (dont know what they are).

Basically what would people recommend for UK cammers ?


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Jun 15, 2018
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I get cheques posted to me. It costs £10 to cash them (check with your bank), and takes 2 weeks to arrive, so it's not ideal but a lot cheaper than wire transfers. And getting the money 2 weeks later isn't that big a deal because you know it's coming.

I'd recommend only cashing out once a month as well to save money.

Edit: Literally the biggest problem is that each time I take them to the bank I fluster one of the employees who doesn't know what to do with international cheques.
Sep 18, 2016
Thanks Molly,

Yes, cheques and wire transfer fees all seem a bit harsh. If method below doesnt work will probably go for a wire transfer every couple of months so the fee is proportionately less, dont need the payment early.

I've signed up for the epayment method, Looks like it is free in to the epayment wallet and then free to my UK Bank account, which would be idea.

I've cashed out a couple of hundred to see how it goes first.
Aug 16, 2017
My problems with Paxum and Cosmo (as posted in the Cosmo/paxum thread)

Paxum is impossible, still waiting 5 months for card, got money in there but can;t get it out!!!!
Their fees are ridiculously high, $40-50 for a wire transfer!!, not to mention how much I lose in currency conversion
Wish I hadn't bothered

Cosmo keep changing for the worse, now you can't use you card on the net without "allowing" a 30 minute window by visiting cosmo
this meant that I almost lost all my domains because they wouldn't renew any subscriptions. If you want to subscribe or make any automatic payments cosmo now won;t work at all

Cosmo have also rejected payments from CB despite details being correct, fortunately CB (at my request) resubmitted and then it was accepted

It appears as of yesterday/today money has disappeared form my account, but due to their overdone extra login requirements I can't login to see because they won't send me a one time code via email

So many changes to login procedure (which never worked properly anyway, ignores email address)., capcha and new email verification codes, means logging in is very longwinded and almost impossible of a phone. Add to this when they stop emailing one time codes as mentioned above

Poor interface for statements

Basically ignore any customer concerns requests
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