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clarification of an account banned permenantely

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Jul 27, 2023
I`m a recently start owner of a studio, i have a model whos just quit from another studio. once we trying to finishi the verification for the new account, we found out her passport has been banned permenantly on some other account which we have no idea whos that.
how can we make a clarification on this situation, because we go throuht all the rules and guidelines and we are 100% we did not violate anything on site.
Hello @wanghao032298

I understand that you may have done nothing wrong..
but if the mentioned model was previously with another studio and was banned from our site whilst working for the other studio, we will not allow that model to open a new account with your studio.

If she was permanently banned from our site, it's permanent - meaning no new accounts will ever be approved.

Regardless, I will PM you now to obtain some more info from you, and I will look into this situation further.
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