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Does anyone know how chaturbate flagging works

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Aug 26, 2022
I got banned from chaturbate because a friend was passing by and i denied verifying him. I am trying to open another account but i got banned again during verification. how does that work. Will i never be able to rejoin chaturbate from now? Because i dont want to believe that this is a lifetime ban .I mean will i never be able to create another account anymore. I will not do anything that breaks the rules from now on and be a good streamer. @punkerbarbie someone please help me.


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Jul 25, 2014
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its your responsibility to stream somewhere where no unauthorized people can appear on stream. that is 100% bannable. That is not an accident but negligent on your part. Legally every person who appears has to legally consent with the model forms we sign and prove they are of legal age to stream. You refusing to get your friend verified justifies cb ban.

When you have a banned model account, you will not be allowed to resign up. Bots will catch that you personal information matches a banned.

I really doubt you can do anything other than trying to verify your friend.
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Sep 12, 2022
Hopefully Punkerbarbie can help you out, I can definitely understand from your point of view. I get it accidents happen but rules definitely are in place for a reason.

You should also note that creating new accounts once you have already been banned is a second violation ( ban evading )

I'm not sure how close you are with your roomie but maybe if you can explain the situation to them and have them submit verification solely for the purpose of recovering your account that would be a good idea. Then again, if they don't know anything about chaturbate or the fact that explaining something about an adult website to them may be a bit embarrassing than I totally get it!

Hope you get it all taken care of.
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Sep 29, 2022
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Verifying the person was saving you from a ban. If that person doesnt agree to get verified, than it is what it is unfortunatly. Trying to create new accounts while you are banned, it makes it even worst. If you decide not to verify that person on your account, than you should move on and look for another platform.
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