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Gif Graveyard... Can Chaturbate clear it up ?

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Aug 20, 2021
You have all done it or seen it. The chat is fast-flowing and you want to throw a GIF into the mix to add to the debate.

Suddenly the weirdest frozen image is in the middle of chat.

Gif failure....

There one gif I hate. WOW

I had a non-nude cammer called Lilya tell me that she was excited to get a job in a coffee shop.

She was so over the moon to get the job

Hey I thought.. Great news girl.... Amazing. So I thought I would throw up a double gif.


Screenshot 2021-09-03 16.16.37.png

Yep.. that's the result of what I sent her...

:WOW + :Coffee

A dick... And coffee....

Her Enlgish was confused?

Richy... have I insulted you? Why have you sent me this. I am very upset?

Chaturbate is a graveyard of failed gif. All GIF (Said to be pronounced JIF) has to be 250x80 1.2mb or less

There are so many epic fails. Surely CB could do a scrape and remove stuff. Anything that has never been used for say a year.
Anything over 250 pixels
anything over 80 pixels deep
Anything over 2mb

Can you imagine the historians in 1000 years looking at this stuff.

They visit our planet and try to learn about our culture. Aha.... We have discovered the word and image for WOW

No wonder these humans destroyed their planet......

In an environment where English is often not always the first choice of language a gif fail can actually insult as much as word-fail.

Whenever I travel the world of CB I always have my own personal sorry buttons at the ready....


And virtual flowers seem to help too

FzhsHTpBC0QMC_250x80.jpg :Flowers

I upset Lilya so much she ADDED ME TO THE TIP MENU !!! - I kid you not !


I was in that damn tip menu for three days...

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And why must WOW be associated with the text as word in gif form? Wow can be anything the person that uploads an image perceives as such.

The fact is CB gives previews for you to see what you're posting before you hit send, so that's your fault if you assumed it SHOULD be what you want it to be. You should know an image won't necessarily be what you want and that's why you look through the options available using the previews.
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Very very true! (About check first)

Usually in a fast chat I just glance at the PC. And hit send...

But you are absolutely right.. There is a chance to review before sending.. (And that error is mine ! )

ANd it cost me dear... LOL

I now also do something else. I sand-box test a GIF as well. In addition to the chat page. I have open my own broadcast page.

In the chat I can test a gif before I send it. So I now do that a lot. But every now and again.. We get a Gif Fail.

One other mess up I made. Didnt give a GIF long enough to run. I wanted a strawberry to post in chat.

It looked like a strawberry. So BANG I hit send. But then it changed... ! To another model... Opps.

a97d1a14f75b5e48bd405d871b385bb900c018b0 (1).gif

Its a minefield... ( But I am to blame ! )
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Nah I'm with u on this. Everyone has made this mistake at some point or another with gifs, even the models. Yeah u can preview, but sometimes theres a lag and previews get mixed up.

The problem is about clearing up the gifs is who gets to choose what gets removed?

But yeah u not the only one who's posted that dick by accident 😅
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