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Hello i need support my request (19692477) @punker barbie

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Apr 18, 2022
Dear Chaturbate support, for several months now my account has been banned for reasons that I still do not understand. I don't see any problems with my papers, they are all authentic and issued to me on my 20th birthday. date of issue is January 18, 2022. according to the laws of my country, I will receive the next passport only for 40 years. I had to register on Stripchat and there were no problems with my documents. for a month now I have been working on another site, although I want to work for you, please solve this problem. I'm sure there was an error and there were no violations.
I see that this site has Stripchat support. why do all other sites have no problems with my documents and you don't like my new passport.???
Why chaturbate write me this??? 1653739029325.png
and I'm still banned! lol
the main reason for the ban is in the documents, everything is fine with them.1653739136173.png
Initially, they doubted my documents and asked me to confirm them, which I did, but the ban is still hanging, please remove it, I want to work on your site. you make me work on other sites instead of your best CHATURBATE!!!!!!!
I hope for mutual understanding @punker barbie .
Oct 19, 2019
nobody answer to me too. I think they block our email adress too in chaturbate. I am sad. I didn t do nothing wrong
I've heard about something called "shadow ban" on CB. If you are insulting them, or insisting, or whatever, they are just stopping answer you
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