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Sep 18, 2015
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alright so I cant believe I am writing this. but last night I had one of the most awesomeness shower/ bedroom sex. ill tell you all about it in detail... ready here it goes. so it started out with me typing to someone on MFC and on here and he just couldn't stop touching me. he started to graze his hands down my body and he started to touch my butt, and then slowly poke me with his finger. so I got sexually frustrated and started to move all then I decided to say okay lets make a game out of this, lets draw on each other so we can make the shower scene more hot... so he started drawing on me and making cute little art things on me and I drew on him. Okay so here comes the hot part, we get into the shower and he starts to wash me and then after he washes me he starts to go down on me, and then he decides to stick it inside me and go for it, as I am trying not to drown on water, I start to moan and let me tell you it felt so good... ugh. okay back to the story. anyhow... we move to the bedroom omfg I cant believe I am going to say this, but I sat on his face and had him eat me as much as possible to get me ready to go for the pounding of a lifetime. after I got done sitting on his face I moved to my back and as soon as he stuck it in I screamed because it hurt, well you know a girl is tight as fuck of course its going to hurt. so after that we said goodnight and that was the end of my wonderful night.
so it started out with me typing to someone on MFC and on here and he just couldn't stop touching me.

Wait, so did this actually happen or is it just literotica? I'm confused.
this actually happened LOL...
So you were typing to somebody online, but they were in the room with you? That's where it got confusing. Regardless, congrats on sex.
it was my friends with benefits guy I was online but he just couldn't stop touching and thanks I guess.

Soooooooooo... you were "online" meaning that you were typing to someone else (or broadcasting) and then this real life guy started sexing you up? That's cool, I guess. But the only camsite I can see for you is MFC. And if that's the case, make sure that your real life guy isn't anywhere near your computer while you're online. If they see or hear him and report it, you'll be banned immediately.

I agree that this thread seems ... a bit off. I'm glad that you had good sex, but I just can't figure out the point of making a new thread just for this. I mean, what are you hoping to accomplish with it? To make people horny and want to watch you on cam? To find out if others have similar stories? Or maybe you're just really passionate about this topic. And in that case, you should totally make a blog. A literotica blog where you can make stories like this for everyone who's interested.
no i wasnt on cam, i was emailing someone on here and pming someone on MFC. i kept telling him stop but he wouldn't and trust me i know MFC's rules with guys, which i find to be stupid but thats just me. and i was just sharing my story, maybe someone would have found it interesting... but ill take your word for it and ill do what you mentioned.. :D
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