I fucked up new model status. Camscore is low af. Is there even a way out or should I start over?

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Dec 26, 2019
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Hello everyone. Im so glad there's this space on the internet open to newcomers. This can be a harsh industry. So as you can see, I kinda fucked the begging up. Chose to register when I couldn't work, lost new model status and when i started broadcasting traffic was so bad my camscore went downhill.

I out some content up MFC share vut it doesn't seem to make a difference. I tried showering, oiling, drawing, games, and well just dancing around... Guys who come seem to like it but traffic is just too low...

It it worth it to keep insisting on this profile? Should I come up with a new one and make it right this time? Thing is, i want to keep the name. I have a Snapchat and a twitter for it, i work at chaturbate and sm with this name, etc etc.

What do you girls think? Thanks in advance for any advice.
Did you not have new model status at all? Usually, the new model status is based on your first ten or so broadcast hours, not from when you signed up. So even if your first ever broadcast was a month or more after you signed up you should still have had the new model tag.

Anyway, MFC usually doesn't allow models to delete accounts and then create new ones.

When I first started on MFC my camscore dropped to about 700 or so. I was able to raise it by focusing on privates for awhile. I had one super long private show that pushed me back into the 1000's range and it started going up from there. Since you already have social media, perhaps you can try pushing scheduled privates on your Twitter. Offer incentives, like if someone does a 10+ minute private show you'll throw in one of your Share videos, which you can easily send a voucher for after the show. Also, if you run deals on content and post about it on Twitter you can get offline tips, which helps out a lot with camscore. I know it can definitely be harder to get traffic and tips when your camscore is lower, but thankfully once you do get the tips it can raise pretty quick back to at least around or above 1000.


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Apr 13, 2011
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I rebuilt my camscore after a bad start, but that was a long time ago. Definitely seems harder now. If you're near the 1000 mark still, it's probably worth sticking with what you have. Most people who have their page set to default are likely to scroll down to that level to see the new girls I'd guess? Plus, you probably have a few people collected who keep you on their list. If you do restart, make sure you have a solid plan of what you'll do differently. You're super cute. You should be able to make MFC work for you with the right plan.