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I made Chaturbate Spanks 👋🍑 & Tip Achievements Bots 🥇

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Mar 3, 2024
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Hi there. I made 2 new bots and I just wanted to share them because I think they're cool n' stuff and I spent way too much time on them :arghh:.

Spanks Bot V1

How to add (For perfomers)
Search for "Spanks Bot" in the Chaturbate developer portal. Look for the one by "ropebunnyluna". You can also test using the testbed.

Source Code link
  • Declare up to 10 different Spanking Implements which can be tied to a specific body location and tip price.
  • Allow users to specify the spanking implement, where to hit and for what price in the Tip Note. For e.g. a tip note "Lets Spank that ass" would select a 'hand' implement and 'butt' location if you have an implement that matches that... Profit 💗.
  • The amount of hits are no longer dependent on a specific Tip Price. Viewers can tip any amount and get the most out of there money.
  • As well as setting the Tip Price for 1 hit you can still set the price for x5 and x10 hits without requiring a Tip Note from the viewer.
  • Provide an automatic discount for Fan Club members. You don't have to keep an individual list of different tip prices a different tip list gets sent to Fanclub members with adjusted prices if you want to enable this.
  • Keep track of the amount of hits given from various different implements. Simply type /hits in chat for a full list
  • Add or remove hits manually with /hits [add|remove] [implement number] or simply the name of the implement and location. For e.g. /spanks remove tits 20
  • Coming in the next update: Hit limits. Define a cap on the amount of tokens that can be tipped for a specific implement. Stops users spamming tips indefinitely
Demo Picture
Screenshot 2024-03-02 at 16.34.58.png/hits
Lists the amount of hits remaining from all implements

/hits [add|remove] [implement number] [amount]
Manually add or remove hits from a given implement. For e.g. /hits remove 8 5 removes 5 hits from implement number 8.

/hits reset
Clears all hits and resets all values back to 0.

/spanks, /floggings, /paddles, /whips, /crops etc...
Alternative commands for /hits. For e.g. /whips add 3 adds 3 strikes from a Whip.
You can also specify a location on the body. For e.g. /spanks add chest 12 adds 12 spanks from a hand on the chest / boobs. The reset commands such as /flogs reset also work.

A separate tip menu which will give you the correct tip amounts for regular and fan club members. Includes clickable links for easy tipping.

Implement names
For the sake of simplicity when defining an implement there are certain terms which can be used to define the implements type and location. These are: hand, flogger, paddle, cane, whip, crop, belt, strap, genitals, balls, butt, chest, feet, thighs, arms, legs.
Gender neutral terms
Some alternative terms have been provided to describe the primary sex characteristics : Innies, Outies, Genitals, Crotch, Bits, Junk, Privates, Hen. The word Chest can also be used for the upper body in a tip note.

Tip Achievements

How to add (For perfomers)
Search for "Tip Achievements" in the Chaturbate developer portal. Look for the one by "ropebunnyluna". You can also test using the testbed.

Source Code link
  • Give users Achievements for tipping a certain sequence of tokens. For e.g. 10 tks for Spanks and then 15 tks for Nipple Clamps. You can add repeated tips as well. Check Tip Achievement 1 for how to format your achievements.
  • These achievements by default are persistent so they only reset once you un-install the app. You can set it so they reset each broadcast or when the bot restarts.
  • Rewards are given in the form of messages broadcast in chat to the user. You can use these to influence your show if you wish.
  • You can use /achievements reset [username] to reset all a players achievements or /achievements reset for all achievements
  • Coming soon: Joint tip achievements. Give out a reward based upon a collective amount of tips given by all users in chat. A little like tip goals but specific to certain tip values.
  • Coming soon: Better theming and actions after a tip achievement goal is reached. For e.g. giving access to tip shows or sending an auto thank you message in chat

Custom Bots
If you want a custom version of these bots for your page or a different bot altogether feel free to send me a message and I can possibly sort something out for a flat fee. The code is completely open source so you are free to modify and change anything yourself just list me as the original author on the 'Shared code' page and in the 'App Details' page please.

I have also started to make bots as well if you are interested, although these might take a bit longer as i'm still learning.
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I don't think I can edit the post anymore but I made a small error on the Fanclub information. Here is the amendment:
  • Provide more hits for Fan Club members for the same tip price. You can select a percentage of 0% > 200% defining the amount of extra hits given for every implement. Fanclub members are automatically shown a different /spanksmenu so you don't have to worry about displaying the wrong information.
I chose to adjust the amount of hits given instead of the tip price later into making it because I realised it was less confusing and you are less likely to have conflicting tip prices.
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