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Lighting - tips, tricks, links, etc.

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Cam Model
May 8, 2018
I know you posted this three months ago, and may not ever see this. But when I'm doing my daytime/afternoon cam times on Stripchat...if there's natural sunlight coming in through that window, and it's looking great on me, I absolutely will use that instead of my painfully bright Inkeltech softbox lighting. Then when it's beginning to get cloudy outside...or starts to go into evening time, and the natural sunlight is looking less lovely, that's when the party's over (Lol) and I've gotta plug in and turn on my softbox lighting.

True, natural light can look absolutely amazing 🥰 plus so much easier on the eyes IMO. I love it myself but I sometimes struggle with how variable it is where I need to change my settings around when clouds are out or the sun is hitting the window straight on etc. Or it goes behind a tree etc. Which can be a bit bothersome at times.

Original comment really has a point too. It really depends on what type of vibe/stream you want to do what kind of lighting fits that best. Full on amateur with shitty lighting (while still adequately visible) and quality can definitely be a strategy that pays off. But the vibe needs to match the stream content. It's always good to figure out who you're catering to and how you're catering to them & make those 2 things match.

I think lighting can be a very powerful tool to set a mood or make a statement about what kind of model you are/want to portray yourself as. Pretty fun to experiment with 😊