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MFC unfair treatment and termination of account

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Jul 15, 2021
I am super upset and what has happened to me has literally traumatized me and made my life situation worse. I hope other models and Amber look into this and honestly I hope one day we can have a webcamming site made by another sex worker that actually cares about the girls working there.

After starting to cam in 2019 I have been targeted by another model from MFC and by her audience. It all began when they came into my room and called me a lying Romanian whore and accused me of copying the model in question although I had no idea she even existed. I tried messaging her and talking with her, but she was very unfriendly and even threatened me indirectly she told me " I know what you are doing" but I was not doing anything malicious towards her, I just wanted to clear things up and talk to her about the incident of her regulars accusing me of something I have not done and basically verbally harassing me and using slurs against me ("whore"; "gypsy").

After this I would continue to sometimes watch this girl and she'd sometimes talk about me with a chatroom full of 200 people and refer me as "gypsy" and call me ugly and all sort of ill fated things. At the time I had also started to recieve anonymous threats from people telling me to kill myself. I began being posted to 4chan imageboards by this girl and her audience.

Anyway, I continued camming and tried to ignore her. Of course, I banned all those regulars of hers that harassed me. The anonymous threats would continue but I tried to ignore it and think about how the truth will eventually come to surface.

I would watch her sometimes and I observed that she would repeat entire sentences that I said, pick up interests that I had talked about on my stream and even change her haircut to my haircut. I thought she must have developed a weird obsession with me so I decided to move to Twitch and stream on there since I was already a non nude model and it was very hard to get people tipping me especially after her regulars have spread rumors about me and about how I am trying to take her down?

I am convinced she is a sociopath. She has twisted things such way to make herself appear a victim, when in reality she has harassed me until I broke down mentally. She would lie that I was the one copying her, that I was the one posting her to 4chan and that I was the one hurting her and all her regulars believed her and nobody questioned her for one second. She is a top model.

Yesterday I came back from hiatus to MFC and streamed there for the first time in 5 months and I publically adressed how this woman and her fanbase have been harassing me for over 2 years and I was a bit ironic towards her presence, I said "hahaha look at me I am having panic attacks" I made fun of her a bit because I know that she obsessively watches me. She even discovered me on Twitch because I watched her stream a while back and she suddenly appeared with the exact hair cut and hair colors as mine!

Yesterday Myfreecams permanently banned me. Although, I have repeatedly told them what has happened and how her harassment has been going for and I have told them so even in the past. They simply don't care, they don't. Their treatment towards smaller models is so extremely unfair. I even got banned for not having a profile picture with my face in it and this girl has been allowed to have a profile picture without her face in it for years.

I dont know how I will be able to get over this experience... this girl literally has "sociopathy" in her tags and after 2 years of harassment and abuse she is acting like I'm trying to bring her down because she is famous and I am jealous. Mfc won't do anything about it and they banned me instead to keep me silent.

She has even killed her cats. One of her ex regulars contacted me to tell me that he believes me and that she knows she is an evil person and a liar and that he is convinced she kills cats since she has anger issues and she has gotten 3 new cats in the span of 1 year and her cats always miraculously die. This guy also told me she has sent pictures of cat gore to him.

I'm at my limits. I have been blamed, harassed , threatened and humiliated by this person and guilt tripped and demonized because everyone acted as If I were the one doing something wrong. Model harassment and doxxing is against the rules and she's done it all. But it seems there's no rules for the top models.

Really sad. There's no place for me to go now. I don't like Chaturbate or other camming websites. I wish some girl would make another one or I wish I had enough cash to run one
Jul 15, 2021
They won't give me back my account either, although I was the one harassed, doxxed and so on. They just give her special treatment because she makes them a lot of money.
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