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Paid Survey and Research Interviews for models

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I already filled out the survey, talked to Robbie and also checked out Fairwork's website and other projects and if anyone ever saw me responding to randos wanting to capitalise (be it financially or any other way) on our backs you know I'm usually very happy to kindly ask them to go fuck themselves, but in this case I don't think the researchers behind this project are treating researching sex work platforms as something spicy and fun but as a natural inclusion to the other work they're doing around vanilla platforms. I truly don't know if their research is going to help us in any way, but I don't see how it could harm us and yes, I was one of theose people who could've used 15 quid (I 100% agree that it is not much and I would love to see these rates go up if they ever do another survey around our work).

I felt the language and attitute towards sex workers in the survey and in our conversation was very respectful, it seemed to me that people involved in this project did their work educating themselves about SW and various issues SWers might face and I also noticed on Fairwork's twitter that when they were hiring an extra researcher for this project they mentioned experience in SW as something desirable for people applying for that position, which I also appreciated. The questions they asked seemed quite neutral and I didn't feel they were fishing for negative experiences/opinions on chaturbate or pushing into any direction.

Also, for me survey didn't take longer than 15 min to fill out. I know that might be an important factor for someone deciding if participation in this research is worth it for them, so I thought it was worth mentioning.

I'm not telling anyone what to do, I wouldn't have spent my time on this if I didn't need the mony, but yeah, my experience was overall positive and I wanted to share it.
Thanks for your post. I changed my mind and took the survey and also have a paid chat scheduled with them.
Some of the research in the UK has in the past been used to help protect sex workers as well as present arguments against proposed legislator changes. On this basis I have taken part in research for much less sometimes zero remuneration. Sometimes the research helps support organisations identify needs, one such has started a stolen content service.

I don't have time today to follow this up, but I may be interested in participating although currently my work on platforms is sporadic due to in person work and commitments.
I did the surveys, for two separate platfroms, got paid promptly and also took part in an interview which was conducted in a very professional manner by @RobbieWarin and also paid promptly.

Very interesting research, I am really looking forward to reading the reports once its all concluded.

I absolutely agree with what @RuthStrawberryblonde said above. Community service!
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Thanks to everyone who has completed the survey and interviews so far. It's been really great to hear all your different perspectives and have you be part of the research.

We are still looking for participants for both Streamate and Chaturbate. If you are interested in taking part you can fill out the pre-survey (1 minute) here:

Once you've completed this I can send you out the full survey to complete.

I've had a few questions about whether you can complete just the survey and not do an interview - that's absolutely fine, you are more than welcome to just complete the survey if you prefer.

You can find a bit more info about the project here:

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch.
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