Prizes for games?

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I've started running games in my room again now that I'm over on MFC and realised that the only two prizes I ever really had were a) video bundle and b) body writing. I love running games a bunch and if I could I'd run them back to back (sometimes I do, heh), but when I have the same tippers hanging around in my room all night (which is awesome! I love hanging out with them!) I can't exactly keep offering the same video bundle because chances are...they've already won it. I ran one where there were three options and the winner got to pick what I did in public chat, but I do tend not to want my room to become explicit 24/7.

Do you guys have any go-to prizes that you tend to offer, or any inspiration for me? Thank you!


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Nov 25, 2019
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Spanks, custom videos, hitachi time if you use one, paddles, skype time, snapchat, watching a movie with you on zoom, flashes, tip deals (I offer BOGO for certain tips sometimes and it's always a hit), ice teases, oil shows, mini bj teases, mini finger teases, eye fucking... Really anything that you offer that can be tipped for could also be a prize.
Mar 27, 2020
An 'upgraded' version of something from your tiplist. If you have a wheelspin, give 2 wheelspins as a prize. 3 Spanks instead of 2. Two flashes instead of 1 (or a twice as long flash), etc. That way they feel they get something extra.
Or picking 2 things from your tipmenu costing 100 tokens or less, or 1 thing costing 300 tokens or less.