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question about hair dye lol

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Feb 9, 2020
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so i had my hair professorially done on my birthday with was January 20 my roots are showing but other then that it still looks pretty good i will post a picture anyways i wanna wait longer because i dont wanna kill my hair but does anyone know what color would be the least harmful? i hate my brown hair lol i kinda wanted to do blue but i would need to beach it again and that will just kill my hair lol i need advise on what i should do. lol i have to bleach it again no matter what right? even if i went with dark blue? i dont want black lol. i would prefer purple again or maybe blue i dont mean light blue lol just saying lol anyways this is kinda random i know lolMy Snapshot_23.jpg
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So if you go a darker color, you may still need to bleach or at least tone but it won't be as harsh. I suggest trying to wash out your color as much as possible, in a way your hair stylist suggests, and then have a consultation with your hairstylist on what could be the next color without too much damage :)

If your not using a hairstylist this time then from what I know about color off the top of my head, warm water strips out color just be careful about having too much heat on your bleached hair. You can also try using a very cheap $1 valued shampoo to take some of that color out, but do that only once because that stuff takes all the good natural oils out of your hair.

Do you know what brand your hairstylist used on you? It looks very good and you might want to continue using the same brand if you can.

Also be aware damaged hair is going to be more bleedy so you might want to test strand before applying all over so you know what you're working with! (I took some cosmetology and I apologize I had so much information I wanted to share)
From my experience, even for dark blue, you'll pretty much have to bleach at least the roots if you want it to be vibrant. And for blues, you really want to get it quite light, otherwise you risk having it turn out muddy or even green. You *might* be able to get away with leaving the part that's already purple alone, though, especially if you let it fade out a bit more first. I did exactly that once or twice, and couldn't see much or any difference between the newly bleached roots and the purple I was covering (same thing with a brighter magenta, even).

I second the suggestion to use a cheap "clarifying" shampoo like Suave to help strip some of the dye out, though. There are other methods that are less damaging than bleach, but still more damaging than a harsh shampoo, so try the shampoo first. After that you can test the dye on a little section of roots and a little section of the purple to see how it turns out before doing anything more extreme.

If you don't want to go as crazy with the bleach, you can pick a warmer colour, as long as it's not super pale. So, stick with something like purple, or switch to magenta, red, orange... Those are usually more forgiving if you don't strip out all of your natural colour to the point that it's platinum, because what's going to be left after lightening will be a warm tone to begin with.

Also from experience, whatever you do, don't do anything you see here, unless you're also fine with shaving your head:
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