Removing stolen content

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Apr 10, 2019
Hello, guys! Sorry for my English.
I’m from EU, in hard time of my life I was a performer about one month. And of course all my time in CB was filmed and posted in sites. I’ve removed 90% of it, CB really helps me. But this sites: rec-tube,, even don’t reply! I paid one guy from DMCA too, he didn’t helped me. That’s impossible ?
I already don’t performe about 7 month, and whole this time I’m trying to delete this videos! I’m so sad, it seems like this photos and videos will be there 4ever!


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Oct 31, 2016
What you need is a) money or b) raise interest in it at chaturbate or myfreecams, c) someone with extensive knowledge in network tracing to go through all the layers of fake names and obscuring ip addresses. I followed some traces, it's a trip around the world, sooo many countries involved. It's not impossible, nothing really is but these guys know how to make it hard to find them.

Sorry, that you encounter this, it is a general problem and can be irritating. I have a decent amount of experience in removing stollen videos. I am not charging anything, just sending the forms, if it's about a few videos, you can email or skype me, and I will be happy to assist you with this. However, some documentation from your side is needed to make the requests complete. (skype: fruitboertje) or (email


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Mar 1, 2010
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some documentation from your side is needed to make the requests complete.
Just a reminder to anyone reading this thread to never give your real info to anybody, not even members of this forum, for DMCA purposes.

It is always better to request help with DMCA takedowns from the cam/clip sites you work on than to trust some random person to send them in for you. And even sending them in yourself, STILL never include your real personal info. Use your stage name and fake address.