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Snapchat dirty talk pricing

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Oct 26, 2020
Treasure Island
I have a month snap, which I started a few weeks ago (new to camming). I do respond to DMs in my snap right now and dont mind as I just check a couple times a day. I have a client who has requested we set aside a time to do sext or dirty talk sometime this week. I am not sure how much to charge for this.... if they want to have a "session" it sounds like they would like to have a continuous, uninterrupted conversation for awhile.

How much do people charge for something like this? Do people charge per minute? Im not considering having different levels of snap... as tbh I think I might switch to only fans soon (hence why I' doing a monthly subscription). But for now I'd like to be able to offer this as an add on. How much do people off for custom pics or vids over snap?

Thanks - I am clueless on this right now!
Apr 12, 2020
I had a similar issue on telegram. Usually I take my private price as a reference for texting /2, because I don't have to be on my computer/use make up/dress for that.
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