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Some Non-Sexual activities I do on cam~ if it helps you!

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Jul 29, 2020
Among The Wildflowers, Nature
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So, I show a lot on cam but basically I'm very non-nude and known for my personality and girlnextdoor vibes. I like doing things that arent just flashing my ass and oiling my tits most of the time 😂

-blow bubbles
-blow up balloons and POP
-chew gum
-do my makeup
-ticket game 25tkns each
-cooking show
-420 session
-get drunk with me
-chain smoking
-talk about whatever
-casual yoga stretches
-painting my nails
-braiding my hair
-put on lipstick
-chug water
-make weird faces
-practice my camera angles
-try on a cpl outfits
-put heels on
-sit in the bathtub
-chill with my cat (they love him LOL)

That's a lil list of some things I do. I used to not know what to do and have sat there awkwardly many many times when I started lol. Hope this gives you ideas or you wanna try anything if you find yourself a lil stumped at times or if you just wanna keep it PG-13.
Very cool! I think I'm gonna start lifting weights on cam.
Nov 12, 2017
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I hope you do more than one per show, other DAMN, wow, you're skilled... I know women take forever to put on makeup, but to take hours JUST to add lipstick, that is a skill in itself lol.
But seriously, this is a great list. It'll be interesting to see what other models do too because even for nude models, these could be useful. They/You all get bored all too often with no talkers/tippers. Plus, variety is good, and trying some "simple little things" could draw in more and different folk.
Aug 1, 2020
Extremely helpful. I've just jumped back into camming after taking years off, and feel a bit rusty. Will definitely have to try some of these.
Jul 29, 2020
I want to stress that I couldn't even lift a lot, but hyping yourself up is just part of the job. "Oh yeah bb I can totally squat my bodyweight and hold it for houuurrrrs. ;)" lol

Here are some non-sexual ideas:

- do your hobby on cam
- make some art, even if you're not good at it
- karaoke
- play trivia
- play a drinking game like Never Have I Ever (if you don't drink you can sing or dance or something instead)
- try out some of those weird, clickbaity crafts or science experiments
- follow a silly makeup or hair tutorial
- read a book or poetry
- fill out a unique Mad Libs story with your members giving you the nouns and verbs in a tip
- read bad fanfic or creepypastas
- read strange or funny Reddit threads
- have your members remind you to drink water every 20 minutes or so
- pop bubble wrap
- write a theme song or poetry together
- read a choose your own adventure story and have your members choose in a tip
- start a harmless debate like "is a hotdog a taco?" or "should you organize books/dvds by color, author, or title?"
- do a fake, silly unboxing or review of something in your house like your pet or toilet paper

Some of this might be weird but... Idk I think this stuff would be fun!
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