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  1. AshRaindrop

    Some Non-Sexual activities I do on cam~ if it helps you!

    So, I show a lot on cam but basically I'm very non-nude and known for my personality and girlnextdoor vibes. I like doing things that arent just flashing my ass and oiling my tits most of the time 😂 -blow bubbles -blow up balloons and POP -chew gum -do my makeup -ticket game 25tkns each...
  2. SpookyBetty

    Clips4Sale and manyvids bbw ideas

    I'm here to ask for ideas for videos. I'm bbw and for a while I was popping out videos left and right, but now I'm scared my videos are going to start to all look the same (me with a dildo doing various positions.) I have a good amount of toys (bad dragon mostly) but I have only used 2 of them...
  3. SouthernRose

    Best fetish sites

    So I have been dabbling in chaturbate and I'm thinking it might not be for me. I really like engaging and talking with people but chaturbate seems to be mostly nude women doing cumshows right away. I also have a wide wide range of fetishes. I love love having my feet messed with, touched, and...
  4. Starman

    Bright ideas for model shows

    I got a zillion of them! Are they any good? Well .... As a fan of old-fashioned strip tease and slow teasing in general, I'd like to see a model who, instead of designating tip amounts for "remove blouse," "remove bra," remove skirt," remove panties," has tip amounts for "undo one button,"...
  5. M

    Buying Fake Cum?

    I don't know how else to word the title, I'm sorry! I am looking for a good brand with decent priced "fake semen" for certain acts in private shows that has been requested a lot by my members. I would use lotion or something, but it's not very convincing or realistic and I really don't want to...
  6. Daphny Meyer

    I run out of ideas HELP

    Hey guys, I have a blog that I update from time to time. Lately, I feel like I run out of ideas and I need some help on what subject should I write about. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot!
  7. tinymartianslut

    Fresh Ideas for Roll-the-Dice Prizes

    The app is fun but the prizes are over done. You can only rub ice on your nipples so many times. Care to add something unique and fun to the list? - squats - pinch nipples - spankings - name on body - call mom - lovense blast - hitachi - twerk - oil - handjob - dildo bj - shoe or sock change -...
  8. itstess

    Quirky / Fun Tip Ideas?

    I want to do more than just showing my tits, shaking my booty, and being sexy. I want to be personal and fun. I have a tip for "finger guns" that my regular said I should do. Do you have any fun, unique, or different tips you use? Let me know! I always find these fun! :p Thanks! -t
  9. Daphny Meyer

    Ideas for new photoshoot

    I have a personal website and I want to keep it up to date when it comes to photosets and videos. I'm asking you guys if you have any interesting ideas that I can use for my upcoming albums. Thank you all!
  10. CocoKaine

    idk what i'm doing wrong

    Hi everyone, i've been on MFC since june. I started on chabturbate and got my feet wet before I switched to mfc. I think i may have made the leap too soon becuse i'm having trouble getting people in my room and staying to participate. I've tried starting all nude and I got a few people in my...
  11. Alessia_Pardi

    Gold clubs in Streamate

    Hi everyone! I've been camming for almost a month right now and (at least for the moment) I'm only in Streamate. Recently I started a Gold Club, and as I suck at explaining these things in English, I'll paste the description Steamate has of them: A Gold Club is a subscription website that...
  12. Jesse Angel

    12 Hour Broadcast? Thoughts?

    I'm thinking about having a 12 hour broadcast on MyFreeCams in the near future (Most likely early November) and depending on how that goes, I'd want to potentially attempt an even longer broadcast. I'm not sure if MFC has restrictions on how long you can be online for, but if nothing were to...
  13. sydney skyye

    What do you do on vacation for work?

    Just a general question for the girls (and boys) out there... I have a vacation every month for the next 4 months coming up. I love camming and I really want to incorporate this into my work, but am not sure what kinds of things I can do, as two of them are with my family who don't know that I...
  14. Kenzie42015

    My first shower show?

    Im doing my first shower show tonight. Was wondering if anyone had any tips or tricks. I have ice. I have a suction cup do i do this without being awkward. :nailbiting:
  15. LilliyLuv

    Birthday Games

    So im turning 26 on april 23rd and im really looking forward to being online for my bday. Im still fairly new on Chaturbate and looking for some birthday game ideas or any birthday ideas. :h: Im open to any ideas :)
  16. MissBubblegum

    Newish model needing some advice about goals!

    Hey! I could really use some advice right now! By the way, I have followed the steps to get "model only" verification, I'm just waiting to be approved. Sorry if this is a model only topic :eek: I am a nude model, but I don't masturbate or do any penetration/cum shows! I've been doing well on...
  17. xxxpage

    Make them panties WHISPER!

    As I wrote that title I channeled my inner crunk rap artist. But in all seriousness I wanted to share a panty trick that I learned! SO I get requests quite often for my panties. (as you do as well, I am sure) I never was always concerned with guys wanting the worn, dirty pair instead of a nice...
  18. KristiRoxx

    Non-Nude Camming

    Hey Guys! Just out of curiosity, what is your feeling on non-nude camming? What are the strategies you could use to accomplish being a non-nude model? Ive been throwing the idea around in my head because Im not completely comfortable with getting nude on cam. Are there any sites that are...