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tea or coffee ?

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Dec 4, 2020
Nice strong fresh-brewed coffee as soon as I get up. Making it somehow became a bit of a 'start the day' ritual, so it's more out of habit than necessity.
If it's a busy day I may have a few more as the morning advances. But no coffee past noon, or I can't sleep so easily that night.
Black tea in the afternoon and maybe a relaxing herbal tea before lights out.
Apr 8, 2022
Кофе!!! The stronger the better! I get Starbucks Italian Roast and put it in a French press. (3 heaping tbl spoons!) Add a bit of whole milk or cream ... yeah!
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Dec 19, 2019
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Both at the same time.
Then an energy drink a few hours later.

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Nov 12, 2017
Tea + milk and a fuckload of sugar

hahhahaha you're the first person I have seen to say this and admit it.
Like, everyone else I talk to, ESPECIALLY women (online or real life) they act like they never put milk OR sugar in their drink.

I love TEA (hey, I am British after all :p).
I used to drink about 10 cups of 600ml PER DAY, and in each cup, I would have 6 spoons of sugar, which is about 30g, which of course is very bad.
When I decided to try and eat better, I looked for alternative ways and experimented with the sweetener granules, and sweetener tablets (I tried all different ones), but then I finally settled on using a "half and half" (50% sugar mixed with 50% sweetener). this by itself is MUCH healthier, but I use 1 spoon of this then 4 or 5 sweetener tablets. It's absolutely spot on and perfect

I personally NEED my tea, especially waking up, no one is ever allowed to talk to me unless it's a partner naked saying "good morning" lol.
I can't drink coffee in the morning when I first wake up, I don;'t know why but it gives me a headache - I did google it once and it's not uncommon, which I was happy about learning.

But what I do really love is a Mocha, this I will drink all day and every day.

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Mar 21, 2020
United States
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Nothing better than a hot cup of coffee! I like dark oily roasts made in a French press, moka pot, or ibrik depending on how strong I'd like it. Always have to use a burr grinder, of course. I don't like filtered coffee as much because it takes away that oil. I'll add a splash of oat milk when I'm in the mood; it's nice and only takes a minute to make. I avoid sugar except for in Turkish coffee, because otherwise it's pretty bitter.

I like all sorts of green tea and matcha too, but black tea gives me stomach issues. :yuck: Not that I don't think it tastes good...