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Turn ons?

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Draws me in:
Hair and makeup
BLACK LEGGINGS (especially in the right lighting when they are a bit see through or shiny)
The twinkle in a woman's eyes when you know she's genuinely attracted to you
As @ForceTen mentioned, proportionate body

Makes me melt:
The lingering smell of a woman's perfume in my bed after she's gone
Physical and emotional chemistry

  • Accents
  • Glasses
  • Beards
  • Dirty Work Boots + Jeans on Guys
  • Soft Skin on Women
As far as non-tangable qualities:
  • Gentleness
  • Kindness
  • Melting over Kittens/Puppies/Little Things like I do
  • Ability to Carry on a Challenging Convo
    Something to the effect where it can be an actual friendly debate without devolving into a shouting match
Things like that :3
Not too concerned with gender, I'm wildly attracted to intelligence, sense of self, creativity, wit and openmindedness. Bonus points for being sexually adventurous.
Physically, eyes and healthy physique.
Someone who knows exactly what they want and communicates it well. Intelligent conversation and debate without being too egotistical and pushy about it.

Music taste, musicality, rhythm and movement *swoon*

Long hair on guys, kinda grungey and shabby (im weird, ok), knows how to use his fingers, doesnt treat me like im helpless.
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i have a shitload; a literal LIST of turn ons. i'll post some of them. you can view the rest on my mfc profile. lol.

boot licking, skirts with no panties, accents, age play, asphyxia, auralism, ball gags, bare bottom spanking, begging, being fucked while almost fully clothed, big tits, biting, blow jobs, body modification, face/body paint, breast/nipple worship, bruises, bukkake, burlesque, caressing, clowns, choking, cock milking, collar and lead/leash, cosplay/costumes/dressing up, consensual non-consent, crawling, cross dressing, cyber sex, deep throating, dildos, dirty text messages, medical play, electrical play, exhibitionism.
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muscular fit women. It all started with Russian Gymnast Svetlana Khorkina and pro wrestler Chyna, and has only gotten worse over the years.
Olga Kurkulina. (played Mother Russia in Kickass 2) Annie Thorisdottir, Tia-Claire Toomey(CrossFit stars) Beth Phoenix, Dana Brooke, and new comer Rhea Ripley (pro wrestlers). there is also a little person that is in to body building and was on the Little Women:Dallas Tv show named Amanda Loy that is tiny, but still super hot! I've seen a few MFC models but they are rarely on. There is one that is all tattooed up, and has thighs that could crush coconuts! Another Russian model that does competitive fitness modeling, but every time I see her it is with a new screen name and account.
Men: Short (5'5"-5'8"), broad shoulders/strong looking, pretty eyes, big thick cock, rough and strong looking hands. Physically I have a "type" when it comes to men. I've dated outside of that type but if they are missing too many of those traits I'll quickly feel very "meh" about them sexually. I'd say they could probably only be missing one of those 5 features and keep me interested. Like either they tic 4 of the boxes or I probably shouldn't bother. Personality should be way too cocky and funny. Someone that's bossy and take charge (which is fucking hilarious because I want them to be that way with others but if they dare do it to me I'll go full maneater)

Women: literally just be a woman. I'll probably find you attractive. Ok, maybe it's not that vague but I do have a broader range of what I like in women physically than men. I do really like high cheekbones, unique faces, and big strong thighs. Personality should be similar to what I like in men. But also be the kind of woman that scares men.

Genderfluid people I tend to go for a mix of what I physically like of both genders but I lean towards a more femme face. Same as above for personality.

My tastes are interesting. I end up dating way more men than any other gender. But if you put 100 men in a room, 100 gender fluid people in another room, and 100 women in another room . I might find 1-3 guys that I could even remotely be attracted to, 10-15 gender fluid people, and like 50 women.
Hy my name is IrisBlues and I work at webcam model.
My story when I was with a man for the first time and that exits me every time I think
At my work I felt like the only virgin around. All my colleagues were doing it, and while I went out with guys all the time, I never met anyone who I really wanted to fuck. I wanted my first time to be special, and all the guys I dated were just too lame.Still, I was horny as hell. I masturbated all the time, in the morning, after work, at night, I even locked myself in a bathroom and fingered myself. I became obsessed with cumming, it just felt so good. I would go online read a nasty story, get all wet, and then lie on my stomach on my bed, and hump my right hand...Still, there was something missing...namely a cock.My boss sent my best friend and I on a graduation trip and I vowed to myself I was going to get my cherry popped. After a couple days of sitting on the beach and checking everyone out through my sunglasses, I saw this really really hot guy...Well, it didn't take long for us to get to his hotel room.We started out slow, he carefully undid my bikini top, and touched my boobs... we kissed gently and pulled at each other. I got hotter than I ever have with a guy and began to feel my pussy get wet and tense. I moved closer to him, unlaced his trunks and saw my first real penis. Oh my god it was beautiful, it sprung up to meet me. I really couldn't believe how big and hard it was. I am used to sticking my finger in my pussy...and not even that, I usually just play with my clit until I cum. So, needless to say, I was a little worried. Jack (that's his name) was really sweet...he sucked me all over, my breasts, my neck, my stomach, my clit...his lips made me so hot and horny. I touched his penis and wanted to suck it, but realized I really just wanted it in my pussy, I mean I can give head whenever. Jack sat on the bed and I tried to lower myself onto his cock, but it was so big...I could get it half way in, but it hurt, and I wanted him to be able to really fuck me...I wanted to feel his weight on me. We rotated and he mounted me, at first he just placed his hard cock near my pussy and made me move my hips searching for it...then he slowly pressed it into me. It was so warm and hard I really felt the best connection with him. It hurt like hell, but then again I was being fucked so I can't really complain. After about 8 strokes of him entering my vagina, we really got into a rhythm. I stopped having to cringe with pain and began to pant, he was making me so hot. Nick pumped my pussy and I began to yell, "fuck me, fuck me, fuck my wet pussy...yeah yeah fuck me." I don't even know where it came from...But yelling make it so much better. He did fuck me, and while I have nothing to compare it to, it was so much better than fingering myself. As his cock slid in and out of me and my pussy got tighter around it, his cock got bigger and exploded so much cum into me...The best thing was, he kept pumping a little, as if he was trying to really jam the cum in me...It was the best feeling in the world. I cannot wait to be fucked again!!!!!!
Men: Short (5'5"-5'8")

This is actually quite interesting to hear. Most women I've heard mention height won't date anyone 5'10" or less. As they put it, they want someone taller than them when they wear high heels.
This is actually quite interesting to hear. Most women I've heard mention height won't date anyone 5'10" or less. As they put it, they want someone taller than them when they wear high heels.

I'm only 5'4" and I don't really like heels. What I like is men proportionately sized to me. Men I don't have to stand on my tip toes to kiss. I like being able to look my partner in the eye easily etc.

It's not even that I find tall men unattractive. They just don't make my cold little heart flutter the same way.
I'm only 5'4" and I don't really like heels. What I like is men proportionately sized to me. Men I don't have to stand on my tip toes to kiss. I like being able to look my partner in the eye easily etc.

It's not even that I find tall men unattractive. They just don't make my cold little heart flutter the same way.

Absolutely nothing wrong with that. :) It was a comment I hadn't really heard before, and I can completely understand your reasons for it. I'm 6'1", and agree with the challenges of height differences. That being said, I generally find myself with women around your heights or slightly shorter. Which is okay, since I tend to prefer it. Just need to take advantage of steps, curbs, etc. whenever possible. ;)
Tattoos on women turn me on. Especially tats that run all the way from the hip to the shoulder. God help me, I even like lower back tattoos.
So interesting! I love seeing the range of turn-ons in this thread. :D

For me, much like another had mentioned earlier, when it comes to the physical I tend to react to a rather narrow set of qualities in men and have a much broader field of traits I find attractive in women. I used to sort of actually feel bad about that, like I wanted to force being a "midline bisexual" instead, but it is what it is and time has shown me that I'm not so rare. A large number of androgynous and fluid people also get me going.

Across the board, I'm into hands. Wrists and forearms, too. I have large hands myself and I tend toward someone with comparable ones, lol. Whether large or small though, it's the way someone uses their hands that gets to me, little gestures and mannerisms, hands that appear to have "creative" talent and can use different dynamics of strength/softness. (FYI, creativity as a whole is a huge psych turn-on for me). If you can wear the hell out of a nice bracelet, ring, watch or (insert swoon here) a GLOVE... Oh my, I just melted.

Guys: Give me nice eyes, especially blue or green, bonus if they look great with liner on. Hair that is long enough to fall over me, else go sharp and bald. I'm admittedly hotter for the taller ones since I'm 5'11". I like to look you in those pretty eyes.

Ladies: There's not much I don't like, haha. Every time I think, "well, I doubt I'd be attracted to THAT in a woman", along comes one to turn my head and change my mind. I thought that about fake boobs for example and had to stand corrected years later. :) Different women bring out different parts of me, which I love.

The mental/intellectual turn-ons... boy, I'd need another whole post!
back dimples
grey eyes under black hairs
a delicate ear other a nicely curved shoulder
a breast pressed on my back while working together at office
a giggle after cum
back dimples (yes twice, they go by pairs)
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Being shoved into a wall and fiercely kissed. Having my hair pulled. Having someone gently grab me by the chin and make me look into their eyes. For me it's almost all actions rather than physical traits.
Any gender. TOO much to mention. Really love eye glasses, hypnotic eyes, intelligence, faded blue jeans, (esp w/ holes at knees), power play, and certain hand types/ shapes. Lol, any item of clothing with pin stripes.
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