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Unjustified ban on chaturbate, no reply from support

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Jan 14, 2022

My account ist Ladymelisende, support ticket number 18919539. I have been banned the 2nd time within a week and have no reply from support since over 3 days now. I understand they blocked me the first time because I had played to rough BDSM games and they banned me for 3 days for it. Now I was not playing any rough games at all, I was only wearing a collar, cuffs and vacuum suckers for the nipples instead of clamps and telling the guys I couldn´t do the stuff we played the week before anymore because it´s not tolerated by chaturbate.

Then a troll entered my room (kingmaster and a few numbers after which I do not remember), the guy had taken a screenshot of me, turned it into a gif and claimed he supposedly found it on google. He was trying to harass me and when I did not react he started spewing insults, so I kicked him out of my room. A few minutes after that I was suddenly banned. I suspect he reported me out of spite, he has done that with someone else I know on CB. Is it allowed according to your terms to take screenshots of cam models and turn them into gifs to be posted?

I did not play anything rough after I got banned the first time, I still had a few black spots from last week, but they were almost a week old and I do not find it fair in case I was banned because of those because in essence I got banned twice for the same thing on the same day. I´ve also been told after a 3rd ban it´s permanent. Is this true? If yes, I find it very important to clarify that the 2nd ban which is still ongoing is really unjustified.

Technical support needed 3 days to give me a response the first time and now it´s even longer that I do not hear back from them and am banned. I am loosing a quarter of the month for broadcasing here because support does not react.
fuck chaturbate i made 20k in 5 yeas tried really hard then just deleted my account solo male 20k followers poof gone im over on cam4 now
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accidentally falling asleepon cam earns you a ban for weeks - plural! but others take dildos that are the size of an underarm... Having a one week old black spot from a completely different source weill also get you banned without any answer for a week... they do not want private broadcasters their support is the worst I have ever seen
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