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Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

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Yeah!! So fun. I enjoy CB myself. Just got permission to cam outside in my yard. Where do you fund yourselves these days loves?
We have been moving around and camming a lot! Now in Spain, we have a nice walled garden and want to cam there too but heard of people getting banned even after confirming first with CB so we aren't gonna risk it. It is creative though and fun to try it. Maybe in the future
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Hi. I'm Lotacy, male, in my 30s, born and raised in the US, value technology and it's usefulness in business.

I'm intrigued by the world of camming and interested in learning more all around. Looking into what specific technologies are available, how people are using them, what their limitations might be, frustrations are, etc. Perhaps there's something people have wanted, a service desired, really anything that could be mutually beneficial.

I'm a practical no-nonsense type of person, not fueled by greed or malign, and have no sympathy for scammers, thieves, or bullies. As such, I place a high value on privacy, and am well aware of the dangers poised around every corner and deep in the shadows we all navigate though when we're online. It's hard enough, especially in today's crazy new world, for a lot of people to just find enough income to have a roof over their heads or basic needs to survive. I know this because i've lived it, and recently felt the wrath of such an individual. It's truly shocking when one person can turn someone's life upside down and simply toss them in the gutter.

Blah. Sorry if this got a little long-winded or comes across in any unfavorable way. I didn't want to beat around the bush because i'll probably be asking a lot of questions on the forums so i believe it's better to be up-front and direct. We're all in the same boat. Times have changed and times are tough. If i can help even just one person overcome their hold up, ultimately allowing them to become successful and happy, i'd consider that a victory. I'd probably even start sleeping a little better at night. Maybe that's my fetish, ya know, seeing people happy!

BTW, I *ahem* allegedly have some stuff (butt stuff) posted online, and am interested in (butt stuff) camming a bit, but i'm pretty dadgum shy so it hasn't lasted very long if i do go live! :) I'm sure some day i'll over come that.

Anyways, off to do more research, hope to talk with some of you some day! Please reach out, for ANY reason, if you so desire, i'd love to chat!
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Hello, this is Sweet Apple BT. We own a Studio in Colombia. We are happy to become part of this amazing community. Thanks for the opportunity
Hii!!! I'm Sadie! I'm on Chaturbate as SadieSecrets. I've only been camming for a week but I've watched cam models for a few years now! It's a great dive into the human psyche and entertainment as we know it today. I love being a naughty girl and have aspirations to be on the front page! Ever since I started camming a week ago I do nothing but eat, sleep, breathe camming and being a naughty whore. :x I love it! It's so great to meet you all and I hope you will come play with me sometime. :inlove:
Hi, I'm MizXtrix.

Just your average Chaturbate model who stumbled by looking for some technical answers to some issues that I've been having.

I've been on that site since mid-2018 and I started up my OnlyFans in August last year. I mainly do MILF/Femdom stuff, but I also do lot of various other role play. I've got a pretty dirty imagination 😈😈😈 😜

Originally from the west coast. I have a lot of fun doing all this.

Seems like a pretty legit place! Thanks for having me.

Hi Everyone! I've been a cammodel at Streamate for around 6 months and enjoying it. ;)
Looking forward to sharing tips and participating here with you all.
I am a dork who started trying cam stuff out and realized it’s probably healthier than watching vidporn lol.Idk ... in a nutshell. Having trouble getting verified :-/
Daisy here, on chaturbate daisygoesdeep

Started professionally camming one month ago and had a lot of fun and good earnings so I’m looking around for a fucking machine right now because that would make things way easier
Oh yeah! Congratulations. I also am looking into a machine. My wrist cramps up some times. Haha. Hope you share what you end up investing in and how it works out for ya.
Hi cuties! I'm Tahlia and I love that there is a forum like this where SW's can support each other ☺️. It's hard being ostracized sometimes for being in this field, and this helps me feel less lonely 💕
Hello everyone, I am a new male model on CB. I have done a few broadcasts already and have reached quite a bit of success hopefully for the short amount of time I've been there. I mostly enjoy talking with the chat and tease. This formula seems to surprise most the viewers, which is confusing to me 😕. Anyways, glad to join ACF.

I shaved my beard but it will be back soon enough. 😁
I am twid. Tweet, j or wtfe you wanna call me really. I don't really watch much camz but I'd like to seek and find someone to do cam shows with. I feel like i could be an asset to someone and most definitely to myself bc there is seriously a market in this biz I feel like for Male or female. Feel free to give advice
Howdy guys and gals!
Returning camdude from Australia, worked for a few years from 19-21 yrs old. Then again on MFC in my late 20’s Mostly just pimping myself and my friends online... now as an actual adult it’s time to come back and have a play with my life partners 🙃😉

I'm Oscar, I am a model manager, monitor and coordinator in three different studios in my city, in Colombia, good day to all
Hello. I’m a cam model. I haven’t been active since a while and I’d really like to know how to costumize my profile.
Hi all. I am 19, latina, learning english. First time camgirl trying to sign up to chaturbate, mfc, and stripchat :) thanks for accepting me on the forum
Hellooooo I'm Jocelin! I've been a camgirl on Streamate for about a year, and I recently signed up for MFC. I like to tease my customers and tell people exactly how I want it >:) I tend to have a lot of ideas on how to expand my slut empire, but I need help and encouragment from other cam cuties to help me reach my long list of personal goals :h: I'm happy to be on ACF!
I’m Amorina by day I do boring Accounts! But the more fun side of my life is being an only fans model and cam girl on Chaturbate. Here to get advice / help and learn a few things. Hope everyone is having a great day.
Amorina xx
You heard me. Introduce yourself!

The best posts in an introduction thread include more than just your name, so give us a little more if you're feeling up to it. ;)

If you're a CB or MFC member or model with specific support questions, please see this section - Unofficial Support - and post your inquiries there.

If you're an active cam model looking for verification, info/instructions are here - Model Verification Requests - but please remember you won't be able to post your verification until you've been signed up at ACF for a period of time, and after you've made a good handful of thread posts. So get active! :)

JUST A REMINDER: "Hi" and "yes" are not introductions. Posts made in that fashion will be deleted. Try again. :)
Hii! Cammed here on both CB and MCF. I’ve had some problems with CB support so I’m here to read about your experiences, see what I can learn and offer any feedback of my own