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Hello everyone,

Daniel C here aka Dani from . +20 years experience in webcam industry ( first as a model on, after as a studio owner/manager and adult webmaster and actually working with as models manager for models/studios in Europe/Africa and Asia ), I follow this forum for already many years and I hope in the future to be helpful for your members with answers about our platform or any other webcam related subject. Beside that I'm a happy 42 yo guy with a beautiful sexy wife, 2 son s of 10 years and a high desire for travel and meet new people!
Hi I'm domnickate. I found out my GF has been cheating on me and it all started with can shows. Can anyone help me find her profile?
No. We will not help you stalk your "gf". Go to therapy, actually talk to her or break up. I would break up with you if I saw you asked this on a forum. You either trust your partner or you leave your partner. This is not cool.
Hello, I'm Minina
I've been working with LuckyCrush for a year so far and now I'm looking for other sites similar to LC.
Nice to meet u everyone :)
Hey all! I'm about a year back in the game after a long break, streaming mostly on CB and going to break back into clips when I'm able. Nice to meet everyone!
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I've been lurking for so long I thought it wouldn't hurt to finally make an account! I make some fetish clips, but have been considering starting to cam for a while now. I like cat memes, and cat pics are always welcome!
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Hello party people, beer_night here.
Found up this community looking for some support on one of the streaming sites; but in the meantime I'll see which interesting content I'd find around the site.

Cheers! My name is Ed, I'm from Florida USA. Lurking here for a long time and finally made an account.
I'm a cam site user/ member and am a knight/mod for several models that have become good friends.
I'm also a hobbyist animator and 3D character creator....


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I'm a United States Army First Armored Division Veteran retired from duty, single and searching for a wife.
This forum is not a place to search for a wife. Nor are any of the cam sites we discuss here.
Greetings to everyone,

I'm a cam viewer from France and I came here for so many reasons that I can't name each one.

The first of all is to know if it's possible to fix a problem I have with an account (I'll make my request in the appropriate section).
But one of them is Amber who is a real cutie. (hi !)
You heard me. Introduce yourself!

The best posts in an introduction thread include more than just your name, so give us a little more if you're feeling up to it. ;)

If you're a CB or MFC member or model with specific support questions, please see this section - Unofficial Support - and post your inquiries there.

If you're an active cam model looking for verification, info/instructions are here - Model Verification Requests - but please remember you won't be able to post your verification until you've been signed up at ACF for a period of time, and after you've made a good handful of thread posts. So get active! :)

JUST A REMINDER: "Hi" and "yes" are not introductions. Posts made in that fashion will be deleted. Try again. :)
Hi I’m exited to join this site and get answers
Hi all. We are Chris and Serge. We are a couple, both Ukrainians, models on chaturbate for a little over a year, worked at home. Now we want to move to Romania, to Bucharest. If there are representatives of Romanian studios here, we would like to get acquainted and find out the conditions. We would also like to get acquainted with models from Romania, for communication and cooperation.
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Hello, we are MaxXx & RuuBi, aka "likes2sixty9" on CB. We have been on CB since like 2013 I believe. Took a long hiatus, and just recently started camming again last month. Today our account got banned. I did email support, but from what I've read on Google searches, I'm doubtful that they will respond. How do I get my account reinstated? We have like $700 worth of tokens on there!