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    What is the best webcam?

    Ahh I was going off the initial reviews and write ups from a couple of months ago. Decided to go for the c922 myself as it was cheaper but they were being judged on a par. the background removal on the c922 is not great either lol.
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    What is the best webcam?

    Logitech c922 and stargazer razer. I have the c922 and it is awesome. always upgrade whenever there's a new logitech available x
  4. Amberlie_

    Logitech webcams

    Thanks for this. My c922 is arriving tomorrow squee! Just sold my c920. It was great quality but i could never get the colour as warm as on the earlier pro 9000 (which i still love). I am hoping the c922 won't look so washed out. How you have it on your pic is fine for me x
  5. Amberlie_

    payment fees [non-USA/international/european models]

    I use sites which have payoneer global transfer or I get money off my payoneer card account by withdrawing cashback at tesco for free :) Im in UK. I nrvennever use sites that pay via cheque anymore. Total rip off, and they take a ridiculously long time.
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    how do you have text on your cam?

    I prefer verysoft. It is a much better program than manycam, and takes up far less resources of your computer x
  7. Amberlie_

    feeling sick to my stomach and so upset after a cam session..

    If it is MFC or CB and you're being asked for privates, take them! I know you want to build up your free chat room and get tipped there, but heck take the chances you get. More tokens in a shorter space of time will raise your camscore, which will bring you more traffic and the potential of more...
  8. Amberlie_

    Dealing with members who want to have real life sex?

    It's not feeding anything, I think you took me the wrong way. It's doing exactly what I said above. Regarding ethics if they show so little respect to try to push boundaries, then it is perfectly OK to take their money as long as they last in my book. I'm hard nosed like that x
  9. Amberlie_

    Dealing with members who want to have real life sex?

    That's daft when she can be collecting the $$ by deflecting. He's gonna move on anyway so milk it :D
  10. Amberlie_

    Dealing with members who want to have real life sex?

    Sounds like you're dealing with all the classic douchebags and pushers attracted to newbies. You look sweet and naive which is why they do this, thinking you'll maybe give them a little more and a little more until eventually they get what they want from you. Looking sweet and naive can be a...
  11. Amberlie_

    what are safe ways to except money?

    Hey can you accept private loads on paxum? I never signed up with them because i have payoneer but would be good to know.
  12. Amberlie_

    what are safe ways to except money?

    Independent cam listing sites Webstream Gift rocket Deliverycode And Amazon e gift cards as a last resort (spend some or all of the balance before giving a show/goods!) Ocassionally payoneer will allow private loads if you're discreet NEVER take PayPal!!
  13. Amberlie_

    How to.....

    I second all the advice above. Besides which the best way to learn is by doing. Camming is so different for each girl in terms of how much she earns, when she does the best, what sites work best for her, the type of customers and shows she's looking to attract etc, so no one can really tell you...
  14. Amberlie_

    Question about "freeloaders"

    If he wants to ask a question that is private there is nothing stopping him sending an mfc mail. If you charge for pm's then don't open them up to him without him tipping your required amount. If he can't comply with either of these things he doesn't deserve your attention. Doesn't matter that...
  15. Amberlie_

    How to get a large fan-base?

    Also switch up your keywords. I changed mine the other day and now have about 50% more people in my room. I swapped out cute, friendly, sexy etc for things I actually do/like/am known for like fetishes and the type of shows i offer x