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  1. AmiGold

    Lovense Questions for You Models

    Get her to make a lovense wishlist. It is totally discreet and does not give her address away. The model gets an email to say who has bought the gift but that is the only information she get.
  2. AmiGold

    Bad Bot Ideas

    I like the idea of a bot with several different tip menus. It would be handy if it could be change the bot in the room without stopping it too. I often do spontaneous couples shows which require a different tip menu or a show changes direction and needs a different tip menu. I have never had two...
  3. AmiGold

    Less unsightly hitachi like toy?

    Have you tried the satisfier pro. It is a clit sucker and damn intense. It gets me off really fast. Plus while it can be a bit noisy, once it is on the clit you hardly hear it.
  4. AmiGold

    How long do you allow someone to "hang" in your room?

    Strange but the last week I have had a couple of guys tip me saying they have watched me for ages and felt guilty lol I leave them and hope that one day they will talk and then get round to tipping.
  5. AmiGold

    How to clone my pussy?

    I have done a couple of these. It was one of the most successful raffles I ever had lol. I just sent one out to a very good regular for a birthday present. To say he was happy is an understatement.. for information it is not something I would send out to all just this one as he is very good to me.
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    you can send the levels to the chat room. Are you talking about a bot/app that does this or the levels from lovense itself? The lovense browser does send out the levels in the chat room if you have it turned on. I find it lags the chat screen if I have it turned on.
  7. AmiGold

    Camgirl etiquette question about suddenly going private

    When I first started on cb I didn’t want to upset the person who wanted to take me private. I was excited to do my first one. People were tipping at the time and I don’t think I gave any warning. Nobody complained, nobody gave thumbs down, they just let me know when I came back that it was...
  8. AmiGold

    Lush Viberator

    If I order the lush from your site do I get a first generation or 2nd generation lush @LOVENSE as it only shows the first generation on the products list
  9. AmiGold

    Lovense and Privates!

    I don’t usually use it in privates unless asked. To be honest nobody has asked me if they can control it in private but have asked me to put it back in/keep it in and tipped on top of the private rate. Each to his own I guess
  10. AmiGold

    You have new status on there for a month I believe. Don’t stress out there too much, getting...

    You have new status on there for a month I believe. Don’t stress out there too much, getting your hours in will help with your placement on there
  11. AmiGold

    Do you girls have a boyfriend/husband?

    My husband has been very supportive, often it is me that feels guilty when we don’t get to spend time together. At home I cam from our bedroom so noise is not so much of an issue but at the camping it can be. It is funny sometimes when he is trying to cough quietly or I see him crawl to the...
  12. AmiGold

    Hugs, you got this xxx

    Hugs, you got this xxx
  13. AmiGold

    How to succeed as a BBW camgirl?

    Two days is not enough of a chance. It is a marathon not a race. Keep showing up and if after a month things haven’t improved then you could move on to try something else.. I have been doing this for nearly 3 years and still have 10 dollar days. Plus cb has been super glitchy this last week...
  14. AmiGold

    What is the most annoying thing a model can do?

    Yes it does. If you are logged into your room even if you are not broadcasting an offline tip does make the same sound
  15. AmiGold

    Daily payouts-how do they work?

    You request the amount that you would like them to payout. It takes a few days to get to your account depending on what payment method you use.