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  1. AvaMae45

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Hello! I was an MFC model a few years ago, but when I was finishing up college and my career, I retired. ... ... ... But I missed camming, so I'm coming out of retirement (part time). I'm planning to start all over with a new name and all, so I'm looking to get all the advice I can find.
  2. AvaMae45

    Did you do nude modeling prior to camming?

    Nope. I always wanted to but never figured out how to get into it.
  3. AvaMae45

    Not important, but I'm proud and want to brag lol

    These are super cute!
  4. AvaMae45

    Social Media Activity

    I really enjoy being active on twitter and interacting with members there! It gives me an easier way to connect with them, which gives me an easier way to chat with them when I'm actually online. Plus it's really easy to keep up with.
  5. AvaMae45

    What about hobbies?

    I love making and consuming music, but I don't tend to include it in my shows, just because I haven't really figured out how. I also really enjoy gaming, which I talk about but don't do on cam. The one thing I do bring to my shows is makeup. I actually consider doing my makeup a hobby, and...
  6. AvaMae45

    Official Logo and Merch! Meet the ACF Owl!

    This is so cute. I want it all!
  7. AvaMae45

    Breathe of the Wild...delayed :'((((((((

    Hi, I don't think all of you know this about me, but I really love Zelda because of reasons like it's the best. So obviously I'm really excited about BotW. And...there have been numerous sources saying that it won't be released with the Switch and I just wanted to start a thread where we can...
  8. AvaMae45

    If I were to become a cam girl

    It violates anti-discrimination laws. There are still loopholes companies can use to get around them if they want to. I'm not saying it's impossible that we will be discriminated against. I'm simply saying that based on everything I've learned in every management class I've taken, it is both...
  9. AvaMae45

    If I were to become a cam girl

    I think this is kind of a "technically, it could" question. Unless being a sex worker somehow makes you less qualified for the job (which I genuinely cannot imagine a way that it would), it is technically illegal to discriminate against giving you a job for it. That said, of course this is a law...
  10. AvaMae45

    Daily Thoughts

    I'm procrastinating on a project I have to do by browsing and posting on the forums. My thought is that education shouldn't be so boring that the thought of doing my homework nearly puts me to sleep.
  11. AvaMae45

    Political Orientation Test

    I got left-libertarian as well. I'm noticing that it seems like a lot of us seem to fall there lol.
  12. AvaMae45

    Pets on cam

    I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who loves bringing my pet(s) on cam! My cat is really needy, and it feels mean to just shut him out completely when he knows I'm home and awake. Plus, if I close the door to my bedroom without going through a bedtime routine, he'll sit outside my door and cry.
  13. AvaMae45

    Whats your favorite kind of cake?

    I'm strangely fond of plain white cake? Also Kentucky butter cake is a sin.
  14. AvaMae45

    Your name meme

    Lol okay.
  15. AvaMae45

    BDSM Test - What's your kink type?

    Lol this does not surprise me. == Results from == 95% Submissive 86% Rope bunny 81% Masochist 79% Brat 70% Non-monogamist 69% Exhibitionist 68% Degradee 60% Experimentalist 41% Sadist 30% Slave 29% Degrader 24% Vanilla 21% Voyeur 13% Rigger 10% Girl/Boy 8% Brat...