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    Does it bother you if a member dosent know how to have a conversation with you?

    I think that as long as you say hello and goodbye and thankyou, I don't have a problem. But I prefer at least some type of feedback,especially if you like dirty talk, or want a roleplay. I think that helps you get a show you will enjoy. But if you want to sit back and relax then that is fine...
  2. D Info and Feedback Thread

    After tweeting they got back to me. Sassy and passive agressive to say the least. EW EW EW. Happy to not deal with them any longer. I checked my deleted, junk and inbox and never got an email but they insist 'i opened it twice' My payments were refunded, I am very lucky to have only had...
  3. D Info and Feedback Thread

    @AriaAnderson maybe you can help me.... I didn't know that paxum was being taken away and replaced for e checks. I can't use checks. I've filled out the contact form on the site, emailed account@per... and tweeted with no response. But pervoutpay was able to like my tweet?! I need to get my...
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    IndieBill - 85% revshare, chargeback protection & automatic content delivery

    Ok sorry for the alarm, I saw that model has now been paid by indiebill so all should be good!
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    IndieBill - 85% revshare, chargeback protection & automatic content delivery

    @IndieBill has been quiet since May and I am hearing rumors they aren´t paying their models. I am hoping to get this months payment but I really would like to hear from someone about the missing payments before I get more people to pay there. @AmberCutie Do you happen to know if they are active...
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    Annoying things members do

    Even worse: What do you do in your show? SO FRUSTRATING!
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    Ladies here willing to cam with boxing gloves? $$$$

    I have a few different types of boxing gloves :) pm me!
  8. D Info and Feedback Thread

    I have the opposite than @SaffronBurke I pulled this up on my laptop and I can see!
  9. D Info and Feedback Thread

    Am I the only one those tweets aren't loading for? I would love to read them! I've been using POP for a few weeks, but I might keep the big/new guys to other sites seeing this.
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    The iWantClips Thread

    Does anyone know how I can make a product to sell a photoset? It is a zip file, I can only find an option to sell 1 specific picture, which isn´t what I need.
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    Looking Hot in Australia

    It has been years since I last got anything but yes! I remember it being really good quality! Randomly myer and target will have some nice things too and they are good quality. Edit: Kmart will have some cute bras panties and socks for cheaper, they aren't the best quality but I used them to cam.
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    Looking Hot in Australia

    Have you tried la senza? Or bras and things? It's been a while since I was in Australia but that is where I would buy nice bras when I was
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    Poll: Are You in a Relationship?

    When I was more open about it I would get a lot of uncomfortable questions about my private relationship, our sex life, negative comments about him and a few people even said that 'they would look for another girl so I didn't HAVE to do the show/video incAse my partner didn't like it, even...
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    R U quick to kick

    I kick if you continuously come to visit me, even if you don't talk, but you come and watch me over and over again without tipping. But I usually ask them to tip or come back when they can before they do. And if they are freeloaders, rude, dirty talk or ask exactly where I live more then two...
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    Happy birthday!

    Happy birthday!