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    MFC's new Non Nude site - Cammunity (now CamYou)

    I guess in principle it can soak through otherwise 'adequate' clothing.
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    MFC's new Non Nude site - Cammunity (now CamYou)

    Yes. Alphabetic is clearly as broken. Some way to steer members to models they are more likely to tip is vital for a site like this, if they actually want long-term success, and not simply rely on MFC regs.
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    History of camming.

    I can't seem to find anything on very early (well before MFC) camming. - this was a site that I was a member of at one point, and did live insertion shows. (Dennio). ( is awesome for research, consider...
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    MFC goes mobile ... ht_design/ comes to mind.
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    MFC goes mobile

    'Mobile' in this case can mean 'things that don't do flash'. Tablets, TVs, Google Glass (sorta-kidding). I truly hope nobodies using it in unsavoury ways in public - but...
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    MFC goes mobile

    Loading on Firefox - MFC serves up a '"application/"' - which somewhat breaks things. Seemed to work on chrome on android. And unless I'm more than usually confused, 320*240 is not usually considered 'super high definition'. Will be interesting to see what happens next.
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    Mila Milan - Busted ?

    International taxation is complicated - it is quite possible to find yourself taxed twice, once in the country you're in, once where you 'normally' live. In some cases, you may be able to avoid this, due to agreements made between those countries, or clever accounting. You basically can't...
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    Comedically bad sound - causes?

    Doh. Second model should be Harmony420xox. It's definitely not feedback - the sound quality is actually OK - for the .2 seconds at a time it plays clearly.
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    Comedically bad sound - causes?

    Anyone aware of what's causing comedically bad sound for some models? Sounds sort of like an autotuned R2D2 down a well. Models with the issue Melsfinally18, Melsfinally18. Any easy solution to point them to?
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    How to stalk people on the internet

    A new one I noticed tonight. I was watching a model, and happened to notice pretty clouds - she was outside. (do any models have houses large enough for indoor clouds?) If I already knew the rough location, and could find local webcams, and was _really_ obsessed, I could find which webcam(s) the...
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    Social Security / Charity Questions

    As a more general point - it may be appropriate to go through all their bills, and cut unused services. Cable/phones/... is anything now unused, and will be likely to continue to be unused in the short term, that you can save by turning it off, or reducing the package.
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    Social Security / Charity Questions

    I can answer this question perfectly - if she lived in the UK. Way too much research into the benefits system in the past year. General tips that will apply everywhere. Photocopy and send recorded or tracked _everything_ you send, or get reciepts. Officialdom in general loves to lose things...
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    Amazon Wish list giving out personal info

    I have a little Amazon web store. I use it to sell my occasional used books. It would take me about 60 seconds to add an item to my store that's on a wishlist, then buy that item from my store under another ID. Voila - address - no need for anything to leak. Setting up an amazon store takes...
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    Any models from MFC

    Some random comments. Understand how the site works. viewtopic.php?f=15&t=566&p=7769&hilit=camscore#p7769 - the monster camscore thread for example (the first few posts really 'it's tokens/hour') I'd also recommend you spend some time - several hours - looking at new models, as well as watching...
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    people in my room when I'm offline...

    I too am one of those that accidentally fall asleep in front of cams. Being 5, or 8 hours ahead can do this! I guess it also boosts room count a tiny bit, which can't hurt :)