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    Daily Thoughts

    Found a piece of software that allows you to stream your phone on toy our laptop. Don't want to make a thread because it admittedly niche, but if you find yourself without a connection. Instead of using your tethering consider this. Teamviewer and other...
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    Deleting Snapchat after selling Forever Subscription

    If you could find a way to communicate with your followers. You could always make a new account. Then see who respond when you ask for people to give their snapchats to be added to the new account. Hopefully only people who really care or are paying attention to you will respnd
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    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    I'm so bad with private shows I end up trying to do too much, I think Which is why I like customs better now.
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    Do you offer videos featuring doggystyle sex?

    Doggy style is a fun position to see. Though the best parts are hard to capture. Unless you have a third person in the room
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    Snapchat update. Anyone else hate it?

    Yeah you can't go back to fair. Otherwise it won't let you log in. For you or anyone else trying to do this. - Make sure that allow outside installations for outside sources is on. It might be stated in a different way, but it usually is in security settings. - Make sure to uninstall snapchat...
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    What is the most annoying thing a model can do?

    Get pregnant My custom Video will have to wait a bit it seems. I'm happy for her though. I know having kids is a exciting time for most people. Also Understandably camming/Adult model stuff might be a small priority..
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    Snapchat update. Anyone else hate it?

    I just went back to an old version 10.24...... I am not a big fan of the new verison
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    Hey I was wondering if you could tell me how to spell your friends name it sounded like you said...

    Hey I was wondering if you could tell me how to spell your friends name it sounded like you said giselle. Like the model . I couldn't see the chat on my phone. So I'm not sure how to spell her name right.
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    The name of a very hot pale skinny girl?

    The search on most models sites is pretty bad. Sometimes it easier to search for Example "Pawgs" On a porn site to see what shows up. Then hopefully connect that to manyvids twitter,etc
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    lovesense secret feature

    It appears that the app is at the very least recording sound. No one has confirmed though if data is being uploaded Here is the post Crosspost
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    Very quick question about exclusive videos

    I've been using Google drive to host a bunch of my own personal video files. Also a online backup. It started as 1TB but it really unlimited. So far I have about 1.5TB. When I'm down it will have about 3TB. It the 10 dollar gsuite package thing. Plus the cost of a cheap domain. Picked a...
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    Show Recordings

    MFC does have an option to rewatch privates again. Not sure what it like on the model side. For my initial question I was talking more about public shows.
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    Show Recordings

    Currently there are a lot of different programs to record cam models. While there is the issue of people posting these recordings online. I was curious about whether as a model you care about people recording these for private collections.
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    Penis.. Bellybutton

    I meant on your back. Few too many drinks I guess
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    Penis.. Bellybutton