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  1. victoriaxjoy

    OBS graphics/effects/etc

    hello all! i recently downloaded OBS and have been playing around with it. however, for the life of me, i can't find any websites that provide graphics/effects for camgirls--they're all for Twitch streamers. if anyone has ANY pointers/ideas/help, i will appreciate it SO much!
  2. IvyBrooks

    Let me pimp out your camming profile!!

    Hey y'all! I design graphics! I can create all the graphics for your Chaturbate profile, your Niteflirt profile, your anything profile! I can make you a flashy GIF banner, I can make you a custom logo/watermark, I can make graphics for your personal website, and much more! Not only will I...
  3. I

    Where to find a graphic designer for kickass profile?!

    Hey guys Im hoping you can give me some real solid direction here-- I am trying to get my profile to look super professional. Like some girls profiles are SO SICK! They have moving things across their screen when someone tips, the profile is gorgeous and unique. I have only found one woman...
  4. KMAngo

    Designed Bio's (Graphic Designer)

    Hello, this is KMango I am a male cam model ;3 But my real time job is being a Graphic designer. I thought about doing this after I have seen all the ugly bio's out there designed by people who have no idea what they are doing and/or have bad aesthetics.I have a BFA in Graphic and Interactive...
  5. Nausiica

    In Search of Graphic Design Artist!

    I know I know, there are lots and lots of threads already about profile help and all that jazz, but when looking through them, (and it may just be me) I'm having trouble finding recent posts (most are from years ago) of camgirls and members alike advertising graphic design services. So I thought...
  6. NativeBabydoll

    Critique & opinions for profile, please!

    Okay so I am currently working on the codes for my MFC (and CB) profiles. Can I get some constructive criticism on my main photos for the templates so far? still undecided on where/how i will use each. Color scheme ideas? I don't wanna do all black/gray/white, thinking about throwing turquoise...
  7. DejaElectra

    I made some free social icons for you to use!

    Hi there, I hope this is ok to post and that this is the right place to post this. Over the past few days I have been working on a camgirl friendly social icon pack and I wanted to share it all with you. Most of the time when searching for free social icons they don't include any adult industry...
  8. VermillionV

    Going Out To All The Geeks

    Hey Guys! Okay so basically I've gone and completely revamped my profile, and everything is great except one thing... I want to make a "contact" button, members would click it and it opens MFC mail, but I just can't seem to get the link correct!!! What link do I need? Somebody must know...