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  1. G

    Couple Tip Menu Help?

    hi there! me and my boyfriend did our first cam on chaturbate tonight for 2 hours, and it was so much fun! we ended up making a little over 700 tokens which i was super happy about. however we had done a goal show but it...did not turn out the way either of us thought it would. we were trying to...
  2. Lilah_Marquise

    Feelings on cammer/viewer political divides?

    I'm curious how everyone else feels about having very diifferent political views on cam. Normally I avoid the topic, but recently when I mentioned being Canadian, a guy brought up his love of Jordan Peterson. And I just had a hard time keeping the internal screaming in. Personally I'd feel weird...
  3. Lilah_Marquise

    Razor Burn: Major Turnoff or NBD?

    I'm curious about what you guys think of razor burn. I've got a bad case of it right now (clearly need to change my blade, lol), and I'm worried it's a problem so I've been doing my best to hide it. Is seeing razor burn on a model a big turnoff? Or am I making a mountain out of my red bumps? :P
  4. IntravenousFlytrap

    Is It Possible to Be a "Nice" Dominatrix?

    Or a "Sweet" Dominatrix? I've recently became interested in findom and this question popped into my head one day. Surely it's possible to be nice to your subs and not insult them while still enticing them to give you money, no? I know a big part of the fetish is that these men LIKE being put...
  5. R

    New to this...Any advice?

    Hey peeps! So, as you can all tell I'm pretty much new to this. I was wondering if anyone would be able to answer some of the questions I have? (Multiple opinions are happily invited!) I would like to get into camming, I've been doing a fair bit of on and off research of it. I had been looking...
  6. AvaMae45

    Pets on cam

    I'm going to start this post by saying that I do NOT mean bestiality at all. How do you guys feel about pets showing up on cam? I'm super new, but I usually leave my door open for my cat to wander in if he wants. I kind of like that he does little things that give me something to talk about if...
  7. Gen

    Online dating etiquette: to reply or not to reply?

    I am not an online dater but I'm fascinated by it, especially the difference in experiences between men and women. A lot of my guy friends say it's very hard to get responses and that the girls get so inundated with attention that they are very picky and unresponsive. In my brief foray into it...
  8. NativeBabydoll

    Critique & opinions for profile, please!

    Okay so I am currently working on the codes for my MFC (and CB) profiles. Can I get some constructive criticism on my main photos for the templates so far? still undecided on where/how i will use each. Color scheme ideas? I don't wanna do all black/gray/white, thinking about throwing turquoise...
  9. FluffyGalore

    Back on MFC after 8 months and not doing public shows but I'm doing better than before lol

    Ok so the general just of this post is to see if any other models have experienced this. I reverted back to full time cam on adultwork from August to February, I decided to go back to MFC again for various reasons biggest one being that I like the interaction on there. The funny thing is I...