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  1. surfergirlx

    Encoder overloaded OBS

    Hi guys, some days that we are streaming with OBS, it says that our "encoder may be overloaded," however our CPU usage is 3%. We shoot in 1080p, our bitrate is set to 6500kbps, keyframe interval 2s, and we are using ethernet cable with 10mbps upload speed (which shows to be pretty constant...
  2. S

    HP Pavilion x360 Laptop advice

    Hello fellow cam models! I am currently looking for a new laptop because my current HP x360 2GB RAM 32GB laptop does not function right on myfreecams anymore. My room will stay loading then I will be kicked out of my room back to the login page. I figured it is because of my low capability of a...
  3. CamFeatures

    CamFeatures - OBS overlays for Chaturbate

    About CamFeatures It's a simple and intuitive platform with interactive and customizable overlays for streaming. With just a few clicks turn on and off elements, pick different colors and create your own style. Copy your overlay's URL into streaming software and watch the overlays enhance...
  4. MilaRose

    How to Live Cam with 2 Cameras?

    I had a really cool idea for a particular show I want to do and it would be awesome to have a set up like what OBS can do on Twitch stream with 2 cameras in one scene. I know how to do it with OBS, but I don't know if I can stream that through a cam platform and I want to make this happen with...
  5. SimplicityOfEmily

    Using Text Chat in Separate Window / Partnership Camming?

    Hey all. So, my friend is doing all of my back-end, and one of the things he's handling right now is sitting in the chatroom with me, to monitor PMs and boot people and deal with my bots and all that. The problem is, most of the time it seems alright. But, since we're at two locations and he's...
  6. NoraSkyes

    PC vs Mac + other tech

    So I streamed a few nights ago for the first time in ages but I kept being told the quality was less than desired and it lost me a few good opportunities to earn quite a bit of tokens. I know my internet connection was fine, so all I can think of is it has to do with the fact I am using a mac...
  7. Lelo1

    Smart Cameras Are Coming

    Last year Logitech Released Rally, a camera capable of smart PTZ. This year, Tail by OBSBOT it a self contained SMART PTZ Camera. It's being advertised as a stand alone 4K 12MP Smart PTZ . Including 3.5x Optical zoom. With built-in support for living streaming, Audio can be captured by adding...
  8. Lelo1

    Snap Camera

    Has any one looked into using Snap Camera? Looks like they have a guide to using Snap Camera with OBS.
  9. Smores

    Feeding Music to OBS Without Creating Echo?

    What is the best way to feed the output of a music app to OBS as a digital input, without creating an echo on your microphone that distorts the sound to listeners? It's easy enough to feed an app to OBS, but if you want to listen to the output of that app it will also get picked up by your...
  10. H

    Chaturbate streaming problems (bitrate throttling?)

    So I've been having a ton of trouble getting my stream to broadcast in HD. I messed with this all night and the best resolution I could hold a stable bitrate at with chaturbate was something like 800x400. I finally got disgusted and said, let me try twitch! So I set up a twitch account, set up...
  11. Lelo1

    Elgato Stream Deck

    Elgato Stream Deck, is a small LCD buttons device that integrates directly into OBS via plugin. (or xSplit) Buttons can be configure to switch to specific cameras, layouts, mute, video overlays, start/stop stream, record, tweet, extra. All of this can be done without Stream deck. Directly in...
  12. gingerboozz

    OBS using plug-ins

    can anyone explain how to use plug-ins on obs? I want to add text on to my screen mostly.
  13. Nikki Lyttle

    ManyCams - Can we use this for our streaming?

    I recently signed up for ManyCams so I could do a Picture-In-Picture type of stream. For example: Camera 1: On my desk, focused on me working at the computer, taking phone calls, etc. Camera 2: Under my desk, focused on whats happening down there lol. I saw another girl streaming that (on...
  14. BritneySiren

    I just got playstation VR

    which required me to get a cam and the like so I've done a couple of streams via youtube. I'm still unsure if twitch is better for streaming. I'm not trying to make it adult or anything like that. I was just wondering if twitch or youtube is better for live streaming video games and connecting...
  15. S

    Streaming Games on MFC?

    Hey! So I've been really interested in streaming some gameplay while doing shows on MFC. I saw in previous threads on this site a lot of models liked using ManyCam to do so, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to broadcast to MFC. It keeps asking for a RTMP server and I'm not sure what to...
  16. S

    GamerGril: Twitch Uncensored

    Hey Guys, just out here trying to get some feedback on a this new Gaming/Streaming platform. The move toward live video game streaming has increased significantly during the past few years with Twitch as the forerunner of the industry. The Platform we have created at GamerGril attempts to taking...