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  1. K

    Why my viewer told me there's no 1440p option at their end when I'm literally streaming at 1440p?

    I used to also stream at 60fps but on the viewer's screen there's no option like 1080p 60 like what I see on other models screen. And now I'm streaming at 1440p there's still nothing but 1080/720/540 ect. What can I do?
  2. NoraSkyes

    Best Streaming Experience?

    I am looking to up my stream quality, I live in a shed so I have no ability to connect to solid wifi and I have been using my phone's hotspot. I have been told my streams are choppy, lag and I have been told by a few guys that they would have taken me private if not for the poor FPS. I am...
  3. NoraSkyes

    Streaming with iPad Pro?

    I am a digital artist and often use my ipad pro and procreate to draw. I know the program can stream to external sites but I have always been curious, is it possible to stream to MFC off an ipad? I think it would be a rather cool show or just something fun to do on slow nights.
  4. NoraSkyes

    PC vs Mac + other tech

    So I streamed a few nights ago for the first time in ages but I kept being told the quality was less than desired and it lost me a few good opportunities to earn quite a bit of tokens. I know my internet connection was fine, so all I can think of is it has to do with the fact I am using a mac...
  5. Lelo1

    Snap Camera

    Has any one looked into using Snap Camera? Looks like they have a guide to using Snap Camera with OBS.
  6. Lelo1

    SVAKOM Siime Camera Vibrator

    SVAKOM Siime Camera Vibrator Apparently vagina cams are now a thing on CB. Cord seems kind of short IMOP.
  7. JesseBangs

    Newb needs minor tech support: How do I make sure my photos are location marked?

    Hey yal! Sooo I'm aware of the fact that in this day and age it can be easy to reverse image search or find somebody's location from it being embedded in the photographs information... How do I go about making sure that my photographs are not marked with my location before posting them? Cheers! <3
  8. NoraSkyes

    Technology and Setups

    Hey girls, happy New Year my loves! I am curious as to what sort of tech and setups other models have going on as I want to make mine better and have a more professional feel to my room as well as make it seem more relaxing and inviting. Feel free to share your equipment and any pros and cons of...
  9. SaffronBurke

    Speaker and Mic Position

    I like having music playing when I'm on cam for two reasons - one, I like music, and two, as a noise barrier to mask my voice from my housemates and to mask housemate noise from my microphone (mostly bathroom trips, there's a toilet on the other side of the wall from my computer). However, I...
  10. Mizzami

    Will this laptop do

    Sorry if this is a repetitive question asked, and I have read the "Camgirl guide to computer shopping" (I don't remember if it's on ACF or SW) but I'm not the most tech-savvy when it comes to laptops and such. I'm fine with HMTL and programs and whatnot but with specs and knowing what's good? No...
  11. MissMiaShelby

    Tech Help

    Hello there, I am trying to figure out how to turn off the auto focus on my webcam. I called Logitech and they told me I had to use the setting in the software I'm using to broadcast, MFC. I went to my camera/Mic setting but I do not see an option for auto focus. Any help?
  12. kittens_play

    Continuation of My Podcast "Let's Go to Private"

    This week I've posted two episodes, one true "Let's Go to Private" episode discussing how I started camming (which will absolutely be brought back up in other episodes, since I didn't speak too much on it this time), and the other episode is mainly for the purpose of a mic test, in which I...